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Thursday, June 9, 2016


The lawn at 134 Affleck needs mowing again.  The Hartford Police Substation is looking a little shabby in the neighborhood since the last time you mowed it almost a month ago.

Your efforts to contribute a positive impact on the quality of life in this neighborhood would be appreciated.

Thank you


Bill Katz said...

Kevin, This is a perfect example of a project I am working on to take some control of our neighborhoods. This mowing should be done by a nearby neighbor. I know I am preaching to the choir. But my contention is that city resources are stretched and public works can't be everywhere. My first effort is to encourage, on a city-wide bases, people to paint graffiti off of street boxes and adopt it as your own to repaint when the need arises. I have "adopted" the box on the corner of Southand Hubbard Streets. Except that the colorful boxes painted along Franklin Ave and other locations should of course, be excluded.

This is the right thing to do. I will continue whether anyoneelsejoinsinthis. I will soon adopt the box on the order of Linnmoore and Hillside Avenue.

Who wants in?

Anonymous said...

why don't the cops cut it the firefighters cut the grass at the fire stations, and funny project neighbors cutting the grass they don't shovel the snow around the hydrants in front of their houses you really think they will cut grass the hydrants will save their lives.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Why should the mowing be done by a neighbor, or by the police, or by anyone other than the people WE PAY TO DO THIS? What is going on that lawns that were mowed, and streets that were cared for, and public works that were undertaken always were able to be done in the past and not now? What changed? Employees need to work harder or more employees need to be hired. They are getting paid good money and good benefits. How about making them work a little harder and having more indians and less chiefs? I bet you there are some former inmates, or illegal aliens, or anybody, that would love a job making half of what these people make with the benefits they have. When will the taxpayers stop being so apathetic the employees being hired not doing their jobs? This comment is directed at the top-heavy City Hall, the BOE, and Public Works. Getting paid good money and not doing your job properly is called stealing where I'm from. I don't direct this comment toward HPD or HFD because they RISK THEIR LIVES EVERY DAY. They deserve down time between episodes of almost dying in fires or in gun battles.

Furthermore, If we're paying administrators six figure salaries, and work is not getting done by the underlings due to budget cuts and not enough employees, then it's time to lower the six figure salaries of these overpaid individuals so that more worker bees can be hired. They are squeezing our city dry right in front of our eyes and nobody is saying anything. Sucking the life and money right out of our budgets with over paid, high priced administrators while teachers, policemen, public works employees, firemen, and everyone else's budgets are getting smaller and smaller, and we lost two animal control officers.

Parents being asked to send in supplies because teachers have to pay it out of their own pockets while the superintendent makes all that money? That is ridiculous. What do we pay taxes for? So that our children can be educated. We have to pay for the paper now too? If I had a child in school, I would refuse to send in anything. That's what I pay taxes for.

While I'm on a rant - what about DMV? The public being forced to stand outside the building for 2-3 hours to get a minor transaction taken care of, and WE PAY FOR THAT TOO!!! We paid for the new computer system. Why doesn't it work? Why do we have to stand outside in line on a hot day, while the building is air conditioned, and we paid for it? When are people going to wake up and start demanding to receive at least what we pay for?

I missed my garbage collection one morning. The houses across the street are on a different truck's route that comes a little later. I ran across the street with my barrel, and waited for the truck to come, so I could go and collect it after it was emptied. The sanitation department employee had the nerve to tell me not to make a habit of it because it's a different route. Guess what buddy? I pay your salary. Shut up, and pick up the garbage can, and put the garbage in the truck. I've been in my home for 18 years and never did this before. Does this qualify as "making a habit" of it? These city employees are out of control.

Anonymous said...


Could I submit your name to run for city council?