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Friday, July 8, 2016


From the Hartford Fire Department:

253 High Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
Telephone:  (860) 757-4500
On July 6and July 7 The Hartford Fire Department Special Services Unit, along with the Hartford Fire Cadets, and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) distributed over 2016 water bottles and provided ice to various locations throughout Hartford in order to assist residents and visitors potentially having heat related emergencies and in need of cooling assistance. The following locations are just some of the few visited by our team:

Bus Stops throughout the entire City of Hartford
Parks and Playgrounds
Keney Park
DeLucco Park
Lozada Park
Sigourney Park
Forester Heights
South Park
Hyland and Rocky Ridge Park
Pope Park
Goodwin Park
Colt Park
Bushnell Park
And Streets surrounding the Homeless Shelters: Mercy, South Park Inn, House of Bread,  Immaculate Conception,  Mc Kinney
Colleges: Trinity  and Capital Community College  
Main Roads (Main Street, Albany Ave., Park Street, Wethersfield Ave. Franklin Ave. Farmington Ave., Asylum Ave., New Britain Ave., Hillside Ave., Flatbush Ave. New Park Ave.  Etc.……) 

The Fire department is committed to providing the upmost level of care to all residents and visitors of Hartford and is already in preparation for its next anticipated heat wave or other weather related emergency.


SaraLuke's Court Jester said...

Note to HFD :

be carefull, if King SaraLuke finds out you are giving away free water to the loyal subjects he will cut your budget more. He doesn't need those votes for another 3 and a half years. Unless of course it is water from the DiBella bottling plant

Anonymous said...

Great job Hartford Fire Department!

Anonymous said...

Kevin,what's the reason for protests in front of safety complex where HPD operates out of? Last I knew HPD doesn't have anything to do with incidents in other parts of the country. Shouldn't they be in one of the dozens of parks Hartford has to offer?

Anonymous said...

Its ridiculous that the HFD rides around giving out water. Its nice to be proactive and serve the community but this has gotten worse every year. Talk about hand holding and coddling of Hartford residents. Its been warm but not critical, not even reaching official heat wave status.I believe water is available in even the poorest of homes in Hartford, MDC water and among the best. Bring your own water to your activities like I do or just stay home.This is the kind of spending and waste of resources Hartford can afford to do without.And people who expect it stop looking for every hand out you can get, Poland Springs water isn't free its not even cheap.

HartfordGoGo said...


You made me laugh. First, I targeted you as another old cranky type. And you probBy are old and cranky. But I wholeheartedly agree with you. A few years back, we had no electricity for one whole week. Now that was a major breakdown in vital services. But a little heat for two days? Oh, give me a break.

But I still know you are old and cranky.

Anonymous said...

I wish the heat was still on Mayor Luke Bronin.

Anonymous said...

Old and cranky, yes, but I believe for a good reason. I never actually gave out water but was a psrt of that organization and did my share of hand holding. Only leads to mote demands. Glad I made you laugh but it makes me weep how wimpy and dependent the community has become in general.

bubba j said...

Water didn't come out of the Fire dept budget. It was all donations ,

Anonymous said...

How about the vans and vehicles as well as personnell to distribute it.and as always I bet some OT was involved.How does it become the job of the HFD to give out water and set up cooling stations? I know they have done it the past few years but how is that fire related. the Special Services division started with a couple detailed ffs that didn't want to do fires and evolved into a monster that has large staffing with multiple officers.And in the last few years at least 2 members made as much and I believe more in salary than the chief of the department. This division has become an overtime picnic. When everyone else was told to drastically cut OT this division under a certain captain was working all kinds of OT.
Very easily verified if you pull payroll records.
Bottom line this division has gotten involved with way more than they need to going to every meeting and its expensive



The issue of overtime comes under the heading of management, which until January 20th there was very little of, if any at all. I will agree with you on the overtime issue, As far as the function of the Fire Department, I would argue that Public Safety and EMS includes taking steps to protect those that may be vulnerable to heat stroke, dehydration and other issues caused by the heat no more than we would leave people out on the streets in sub zero weather . I think the cost of handing out a bottle of water(or even a few hundred bottles) is much more cost effective than a trip to the Emergency Room, the ambulance alone is a couple thousand dollars for ALS. Maybe if we weren't strangled by Union issues, cadets or civilian volunteers would be a much better way to accomplish these efforts.

Anonymous said...

First of all wete not in Arizona or the Nevada desert we are in the North East. Protecting one self from the heat is as simple as getting out of the sun, step into the shade for an instant temperature reduction or into any store, business or city building like the library for AC.
And stop blaming the union partcularly the Fire union for everything.They font have any contract language guaranteeing them water distribution rights.Anyone in the community from the girl scouts to the urban league could do so.
However I have never seen any other organization do so.
Kevin what you don't know there are some, many, but not all that when offered in this case a bottle of water will ask for a case to take home and get loud if refused, that is the reward of entitlements.Now How do you think I know that or would say it, its because I have seen it to many times.

Anonymous said...

Having been a first responder in Hartford for awhile,I always snicker when a passed out drunk gets a $600 ambulance ride to the hospital for a nap and a free meal before being released. I can't even imagine what Hartford or St Francis hospital must charge the state for that little visit. The 911 calls come in as unresponsive victims ,it's a joke. Every time I visit major cities like New York,I see these unresponsive victims all over the city. Can you imagine the resources they would exhaust "assisting" people with hangovers? Only in Hartford are entitled to abuse the system over and over.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Ian not without assistance but people who want to self destruct should be given their wish. When a dig my time ones, I too will self destruct. Hopefully, not for along time.