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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I think sometimes we tend to ignore the facts and listen to the rhetoric a little too much.
As we have a ballpark sitting empty with a price tag that ,when all is added up, will probably be well over $100 million dollars in actual and so far hidden costs. (land acquisition, legal fees, the City's hired  Construction rep, infrastructure and street repairs, etc,etc)
It is time we start focusing on the facts and get this project back on track, and quickly. The childish petulent responses from City Hall are doing nothing to resolve a bad situation, in fact they are probably only making it worse.
Below is a fact sheet put out to the public today by Centerplan and DONO, LLC, the developers of the project thrown off site by Luke Bronin.
No one has been perfect in this mess, but it is time to start talking and act like adults and come to a reasonable resolution instead of trying to move closer to bankruptcy for our City.


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out why but SaraLuke's goal from the start appears to have been to plunge Hartford into bankruptcy while busting the Union's and ending everything that makes Hartford a good place (Riverfest and the St Patrick's Day Parade next year, Winterfest, Movies in the Park and I am sure his plan will soon include Libraries and other events)

Anonymous said...


Right, more Union trolls. Good evening, union troll. Did you have a good dinner? And no, I don't work for the city.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my assessment of Luke Bronin while campaigning asbeing a wolf in sheep clothing is true. Luke is poison to Hartford. I'd like to see Hartford take the lead in recapturing local government by shit canning current dirt bag politicians and replacing with homegrown leaders who are not self serving and actually care about those they serve. This brand of leadership is killing our country.

peter brush said...

requested that all rights are reserved for both the City and Centerplan to file claim as to whom is responsible for additional costs
I haven't followed closely the ins and outs of this mess; perhaps I can't (be bothered). The City should never have endeavored to build the stadium in the first place. Having done so without putting the matter before the electorate (or before the non-voting taxpayers such as Aetna), the worst thing City Hall can do is to leave the thing undone. Centerplan's compromise proposal seems OK to me. Why can't we complete the stadium AND get rid of the pols by either going into bankruptcy or bringing in a control board?
At the meeting, Walker said that if city voters were allowed, they would recall the City Council and the mayor. He said his taxes have gone up 70 percent since 2008.

He’s calling for an independent financial control board to take over, saying that fiscal mismanagement and incompetence is to blame for the city’s budget woes.

At the meeting, city resident Jim Fox asked the City Council to resign and said that Black Rock should secede from Bridgeport.

Ganim, a Democrat, ran for office on a pledge that he would hold the line on taxes. Shortly after taking the oath, however, he announced his administration inherited a $20 million debt from former Mayor Bill Finch, another Democrat.