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Friday, October 14, 2016


I have taken some heat over the last few days after I posted details regarding the East Hartford plane crash. I even was called a racist on Facebook because I identified the suicidal pilot as Jordanian. How is that racist, it is a fact, that is where he is from and crashing a plane intentionally doesn't change that.

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I have some great Law Enforcement sources. Those sources regularly talk to me and they know I will protect their identities as I do for all my sources and they tell me things that they may not tell to other "media" people And as I said I protect my sources and sometimes I have to use great discretion with the information provide to prevent unintentionally "outing" a source. As much as I enjoy being first, I can't always put all the details I am given out there because they could lead right back to an Investigator especially when a limited group of people have the limited knowledge being developed.

Such was the case Wednesday after the crash, I would have loved to lay it out there and explain how or why details were developed, but there is a lot more to this story still to come out.

As the layers of the onion continue to get peeled back, the scenario will become clearer.

One example is further information broken by the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters today regarding the East  Hartford Police going to an East Hartford Motel 5 weeks ago  at the request of  the Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force. According to a State Police report a Jordanian student pilot was found in the room with flight manuals, computer equipment and a large amount of  cash. When questioned, he apparently told State Police he was "on a mission".

You can read the NBC Troubleshooters story here.

Again, I stand by my sources. They are not gossips on a street corner, they are professionals with credible facts and information and I think that will be shown once again as information develops.

We, or more correctly, some of us, may not want to face facts because they are unpleasant, but to ignore those facts would be dangerous to all of us.

Late this afternoon, the FBI office in New Haven issued the following statement:
It is imperative at this time to relay that there is no known connection between the aircraft incident on Main St. October 11th and the E. Hartford hotel search many weeks ago. Any attempts to make such a connection  of the two incidents prior to the conclusion of this investigation into the crash would be reckless at a minimum. Again, this incident is an isolated incident.”

The wording is interesting. Rather than saying that the incidents "are not related" it seems more like a CYA statement. "Connection of the two incidents prior to the conclusion of this investigation", and what will that conclusion eventually show?. I guess in the end we will see.


Anonymous said...

Kevin I admire you for your hard work AN due dilligence but I have to be honest here that sounds like a load of crap that these incidents aren't related everyone knows the FBI does not like to look like fools but it seems this crash could have been avoided if law enforcement did their job I'm losing faith in the police

Anonymous said...

Wait the FBI told local PD to check it out an they didn't assist them ? Wow



I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. I have never seen a statement worded like that and from what I am being told, it allows them a back door exit and the ability to save face when the rest comes out without having to acknowledge publicly the gravity of the situation now