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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I am not sure many of us would consider East Hartford Connecticut a potential terrorist target, but it may well have very been one Tuesday, according to sources.

Sources have detailed a Federal search warrant that was served on a residence at 29 Annawan Street in Hartford after the crash of a small plane on Main Street in East Hartford yesterday afternoon.

The story began to come together as a pilot and a student pilot left Brainard Airport in Hartford Tuesday afternoon. The student, according to sources, was a Jordanian national here in the US on a Visa.

 During the instruction, the plane began to return to Brainard for a landing. The pilot noticed that the plane was off course and the student claimed that he wanted "to go around"for another landing attempt. During the second attempt , the student continued off course, headed toward the Pratt and Whitney plant in east Hartford.

The pilot, realizing something was wrong, attempted to take over control of the plane from the student. A physical struggle ensued  in the cockpit as the pilot tried to correct the course. According to sources, the student began yelling in what is believed to be a Islamic or Arabic dialect.  During that time, the pilot apparently was able to get off a radio transmission  declaring a "mayday" advising that his aircraft was being hijacked.

The pilot, according to sources, was able to gain enough control of the aircraft to direct a crash landing on Main Street in East Hartford, avoiding the Pratt and Whitney buildings which were the student pilots intended target.

Due to the pilots actions, the only fatality in this incident is the alleged Jordanian hijacker, and a much greater disaster was averted by the hero pilots actions. The pilot is currently at the Bridgeport Burn Center being treated for his injuries from the crash.

As of this afternoon, apparently Federal authorities are denying any terrorist connection, but the facts would seem to say differently.

HPD  also put out this statement today:

After many calls from residents, and in an effort to keep our community well informed, I am writing you to keep you updated on an ongoing investigation that is impacting a neighborhood our city. Yesterday October 1, 2016 a plane crashed in East Hartford CT. That East Hartford plane crash is related  and has led to an ongoing investigation at a specific apartment at the 29 Annawan St apartment complex.. The Hartford aspect of the investigation involved HPD detectives, HPD SWAT and many other outside local, state and federal partners. However, it has lasted through the night and into today. Many law enforcement personnel and media are present and will be visible in one of our densely populated neighborhoods. We understand the stress, impact and concern this can create on a neighborhood and community. We want to ensure our residents, they are not in danger. The scene is safe and secure. Please be aware the neighborhood may be impacted throughout the day. If you have any questions or concerns relating to HPD please feel free to reach out


Anonymous said...

How would sources know what the student was yelling if anything? They were in a plane unless what he was saying was heard over the radio when the instructor tried radioing for help.

Anonymous said...

Dunkin Donuts crap. It won't be reading April



The pilot is alive and talking to investigators as well as the radio traffic

Anonymous said...

2nd HFD member in 2 months with drug related arrest and no post. obviously they are not minorities.


So start a blog and post it you feel so strongly. I apologize for not meeting your expectations , but my heart attack slowed me down a little for the time being

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Trump will not allow this terrorist nonsense to spread in this country. If clinton gets in, i will take my 80 k a year hpd pension down to cancun mexico and live.
And kevin, who gave permission for the work to start on that eye sore ball park ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:39 - Wow, you should feel like a douchebag now. Start your own Effin blog. Lol. Keep up the good work Kevin.

Anonymous said...

If you go on the Jordanian's facebook page and look at the pictures, and the comments underneath there were comments made about burning up planes. Not being reported in the press, however.

Anonymous said...

A very sad day for East Hartford and the state of Connecticut. Thankfully no one else was killed. Local as well as national news ran with this story immediately. Details will follow as soon the investigation is done.
Kevin, it is great you are feeling better. Take it one day at a time. Hartford needs you and your blog.

Anonymous said...


Hey buddy, go ahead and take your tired ass to Mexico. Maybe we will get lucky and the Singalowa cartel will kidnap you and kiss your ass goby. Get used to saying "Presidetn Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for my device misspelling. Go figure.