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Friday, November 11, 2016


On November 9, 2016 Hartford Police Department Detectives from the Vice and Narcotics Unit conducted a surveillance operation within the Branford Street area of Hartford. This was in direct response to the numerous and recent shooting incidents from the area.

While conducting surveillance, Detectives observed a known suspect who was recently involved in a shooting,
traveling in a vehicle which was involved in a hand to hand drug transaction. HPD Detectives covertly followed the suspect vehicle. Detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop after a traffic violation was observed and to further the investigate the possible drug transaction. During the M/V stop, the passenger was observed to have a handgun magazine protruding from the front of his pants. Both the operator and passenger were removed from the vehicle and both were found to be in possession of a loaded handgun. Both the passenger and operator were charged with various weapons charges, including possession of a stolen handgun.

Arrested: Williams, Johnathan 31yo, 23 Ashley Rd. Windsor, CT
Charges: Possession of a high capacity magazine, Failure to use traffic signal.

Arrested: Weaver, Johnathan 27yo,  123 East Morningside Rd. Bloomfield, CT
CHARGES: Carrying pistol w/o a permit, Weapons in a M/V, Possession stolen firearm, Possession high cap.
magazine, Possession of controlled substance.

(R) Recovered: (1) Ruger 9mm pistol, (12) rounds in the magazine. (Pistol permit holder/Williams).
(R/E) Recovered stolen: (1) Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol, (9) rounds and a second loaded magazine containing 14 rounds. Stolen 6-30-2009 Westbrook Troop F

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