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Friday, December 16, 2016


On December 15, 2016, at 6:36pm Hartford Police Department patrol officers responded to the area of Wethersfield Avenue at Elliot Street in response to a citizen report of a shooting incident. The citizen caller reported the incident
involved her daughter who had attempted to shoot her husband during an altercation. HPD Patrol
 officers responded to the incident location and located the victim (31yo male from Htfd)
 outside the Premium Grocery at 347 Wethersfield Avenue.  The victim stated that he had been
 approached by his estranged wife, Madeline Mercado, while outside the Premium Grocery while he
 was operating his Nissan Maxima. He told officers that she had approached him in his vehicle
 and began banging on the front passenger window with a firearm while he was parked outside the
 grocery. She then pointed the firearm at him and while in close proximity, shot at him once. He
 reported that she then fled the incident location on foot towards 25 Elliot Street. The listed 
vehicle was located on scene and observed to have a broken window, and a hole in the front
 passenger side door consistent with that of a gunshot. The victim was found to have suffered 
no injuries as a result of the incident and declined medical attention. The projectile appeared 
to have lodged within the passenger compartment of the vehicle and the vehicle was seized as 

Detectives from the Hartford Shooting Task Force responded to the location to assist patrol
 officers in the ongoing investigation. Madeline Mercado was located at 25 Elliot Street and 
agreed to provide a statement to the investigators in relation to the incident. She claimed 
she had been involved in an altercation with her estranged husband at the location and was 
forced to discharge her firearm at him in self defense. Madeline Mercado was found to hold a
 valid CT pistol permit and freely turned over her registered firearm that was used during 
the incident, a Ruger LC9 9mm firearm containing five live 9mm rounds.

Both were then transported to HPD to conduct interviews with the STF Detectives in regards to 
the incident. In the course of the Detective's investigation, video surveillance footage was
 located by analysts in the HPD Crime Center. The video was not consistent with the details
 provided by Ms. Mercado. As a result of a thorough review of all recovered evidence and the 
interviews, HPD officers developed probable cause to charge Madeline Mercado in connection to
 the shooting.

Madeline Mercado was transported to HPD booking for processing procedures and charged with 
Criminal Attempt Assault 1st Degree, Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm, Reckless Endangerment
1st Degree, Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree, and Breach of Peace 2nd Degree.


Anonymous said...

Lets discuss the high level departures in the Bronin-Sara administration in the last 12 months. Rumors are suggesting Sarita's interference in the day to day high level activities of government are beyond professional. The defacto Alcadesa is calling the shots!

Anonymous said...

We all know Sarah is THE boss and she is running the city, make no mistake about it. Sinking the city is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, here's the future problem Sarah and Luke are creating. I looked over the Fire Departments contract. I commend them for their concessions. I'm sure Sarah and Luke are looking for the same concessions from the Police Department. Problem is, guys with under 5 years are gonna bail out and apply to other departments. New hires that want to be firefighters or police officers are never going to want to work 25 in the top 10 most violent city. They will apply to other departments, leaving only the worst of the worst, bottom of the barrel, guys that won't get hired anywhere else, will apply and get hired in Hartford. Five to ten years down the road, this will be a serious problem. All though the public and politicians hate it, the one incentive to working in an environment such as Hartford or any municipality, are the benefits, healthcare and pensions. Take all that away, and it makes no sense to do either job. 20 years ago you'd get 3-4,000 applying. Past few years it's been in the hundreds. Now, you may see double digits applying. Hartford will be a good place to get hired, academy trained, then leave, as you know the mayor put no penalty clause for leaving after the city pays to train. Good luck Hartford!!!!

The reactive STF. No more jump out boyz said...

Kevin wheres your article about the city not contributing to the pension fund last week? Pretty scary news that no one has talked about yet.

Patrol Clock Punchers said...

Very bad times......sad.

Holton 10-50 said...

Hey holton,

Where are you ? Do i have to call in a 1050 complaint on you ? Your little minion nick can use big words all he wants, but everyone knows that he thinks we make too much
I honestly thought you did a great job. Fig also. The other two are completely useless. Jonah hill needs to work on his anti social skills in that box on the second floor. I would love to write my name, but jonah hill will go to iad and demand i be locked up for corpius minimus or some big word he got from his coloring book.

HP Union Let Every Member Down said...

Jonah hill?

Power DMS fan club VP said...

These below listed reasons explain my malice and xmas eve disgust to the CURRENT

1.Not even a union xmas card this year. ( what happened holton, the card is maxed)

2. Union xmas party made my aunts funneral look like animal house

3. No contractual updates to boost the already cleveland browns level of morale among the troops

4. Holton vegas vacation for all that TRAINING really was on the dime of the troops. Caesars palace probably still has the receipts on file
I for one did not let my earned vote decide if holton stays at a 600-900 dollar a night compared to sharing a garbage can with oscar the grouch

Anyways. Since the e board is too busy,
I wish every cop, even the ones i avoid.
A very merry holiday and safe new year
May you get many pjs and stinky pinky in 2017

No farm no food .......
No contract no work !!!

Anonymous said...

Holton to traffic ?
Wow. What a reward you will get now.
Straud and wilson to major crimes ?
Wow. This place is amazing.
There are guys here with 10 + years that should go to major crimes
Good job. No posting as usual. It will say that the minimum requirements is 6 monthes on the job.
Maybe sgt thorpe can train them.
Must be nice for some these days.
How do i get picked for a gravey train spot???

Anonymous said...

Learning to spell "gravy" might be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Pensions and health plans have been too generous across the state. All should coordinate with each other to level the playing field.