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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Forgive me for being skeptical, but I have a hard time trusting the word of the Hartford Stadium Authority's Chairman I. Charles Matthews or Mayor Luke Bronin when it comes to the truth behind the stadium project.

I don't think Chairman Matthews or any of the Stadium Authority members has been accurate on any of their time lines or projections from the start.

I am even more skeptical as I read the proposed minutes to be approved at today's Stadium Authority meeting. I question the motivation behind the change of contractors and the necessity of calling the bond. I also question the need to bring in another consultant to oversee the project. I'm sure we could figure out some sort of joke to go with this project, " how many consultant's does it take to oversee completion of a minor league baseball park?" 

Attached are the meeting documents for the meeting scheduled for today, except that meeting was abruptly cancelled .

As I said before, I have a hard time believing anything Matthew's or Bronin say when it comes to the stadium. Read the meeting minutes that were up for approval from meetings right before Centerplan was kicked off the project. Matthews is quoted as saying Mr. Rudnick of Centerplan provided a tour of the facility for him and others and Matthews said "that was impressive" . Mayor Bronin is also quoted as saying "Centerplan had made very good progress over the past few weeks".

These are statements from the HSA's own documents not from another media source or and outsider. So what brought about the hissy fit that resulted in Centrplan's abrupt removal from the project? Was Mayor Bronin offended by something?

Mr. Greene, the owners representative also stated that , he believed, that substantial completion for the May 17th date "was achievable"

Were all of the additional legal fees and additional costs really necessary. How much has been spent on attorneys for this mess and where is the money coming from in a City that is claiming it is broke.Where was the money found to hire another consultant to oversee the project, Cashin, Spinnelli Ferretti. More importantly where is the $3 million dollars plus to pay the recent eminent domain judgement coming from?

What is the plan? And one final question, since today, December 13th was the reported final day for the Solomon's to be able to pull out, did they and was that maybe the reason the HSA meeting for today was cancelled?


Anonymous said...

Lots of questions here. Lots of uncertainties. What a mess. Will Pedro Segarra - remember the crook? - skybox be ready, even if the rest of the stadium does not?

Anonymous said...

Mayham, mam. I want total disfunctional. I want to see more heads roll. I want law suits galore. I want to see a meteorite land in the park and destroy everything. And another one land on Maria Ellena Segarra.

Anonymous said...



I can handle the truth much better than the lies and false promises we have been fed

General Grievous said...

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but why are the Hartford Stadium Authority & I. Charles Mathews still around? They proved themselves incompetent when they let the project run off the rails, and now they can't even publish a report on time.

Anonymous said...

General Grievous: great question, why Mathews and the other imbeciles on the stadium authority are still around.
What's your answer Luke Bronin?

Anonymous said...

They promised us opening day on April 13th. Going to be great if Segarra is honored on opening day. With caviar of course.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a luxury box built exclusively to Maria Pedrito Segarra and Charlie O. in the Dunkin Donuts ballpark?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:30am: Segarra, Charlie, Kee-Borges and Deller should be invited to the stadium, they should be given a chance to apologize for all the problems, damages and waste they caused to the people of Hartford.


And then along with I Charles Matthews, they should be escorted to the City Line and instructed to never return as they repent for the damage they have done

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:58
What are you talking about, Segarra the moron still considers this stadium as the best deal he ever brought to Hartford