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Thursday, February 9, 2017


This e-mail was sent to me this morning to explain why there wasn't signage to identify the reason for flashing blue lights around the City.

Dear Mr. Brookman,

Thank you for your blog post on the blue light program.  Your blog is widely read and I appreciate your help in spreading awareness of the meaning of the flashing blue lights.  Please note that the City has installed signage at two locations: Sisson and West & Park and Main.  These two locations are gateways to the areas of the City where we encounter the highest frequency of non-compliance with parking bans.  These locations are also proximate to entrances to two of the newly-created free resident snow storm parking areas.  Additional signs have already been manufactured and will be placed as soon as possible.  Every blue light will be accompanied by a sign.  This brief delay was due to a backorder situation on the DOT standard wire-span hanger brackets.  Alternative brackets have been identified and are now in transit to the City.  Installation will proceed immediately and take approximately two days.  We are working as quickly as possible to reduce incidents of ticketing and towing while ensuring the ability of DPW operators to clear the streets curb-to-curb.  Again, thank you for getting this information out.

Warmest Regards,


David A. Tanner
Deputy Director
City of Hartford Department of Public Works


Anonymous said...

"with warmest regards" yeah I bet. Once again you are pointing out their incompetence, they must love it. Does anyone plan ahead and do things correctly from the start in Bronin's administration? A lot of high priced professional salaries for amateurs

Anonymous said...

better make sure sure they are written in spanish, no habla

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hartford!
Fancy blue light system, signs too, and still towing 200 cars during the snowstorm. Don't waste anymore money on lights, please. Instead enjoy the income each storm generates through parking tickets. 200 parking tickets at $100 each=$20k
Stupid people always generate income through their laziness and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tanner,

Given the terrible condition of many streets in Hartford still this evening, I would recommend that money for these blue lights and signs be used to hire more plow drivers. As soon as you cross city lines, you see clear roads. Why can't our roads be cleared as efficiently? For what we pay in taxes, our roads should be the cleanest in the state!

Trim the Fat said...

The city really does not need more plow drivers. The problem is they hire drivers with little to no experience that have never plowed, and really don't have the skills and experienced needed to plow to curbside. Towns like Glastonbury, and others, plow a much bigger area with way less drivers. Train the current drivers or start hiring drivers based on experience rather than demographics. The last thing we need is more inexperienced drivers. You could easily do more (with experience) with less.

Bill Katz said...

Look, this is Hartford. You could have a person stand in front of every house and yell, "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING DUE TO THE SNOW BAN" and they still wouldn't get it. Let's not place all the blame on the mayor for this. We have a large dysfunctional residency here in Hartford and no amount of notices will change it.

Bill Katz said...

To David Tannwr:

You must be kidding "curb to curb?" Do you really believe that your plow drivers are engaging in this? They don't do curb to curb. I measured the day after the first storm last week and we had on Linnmoore St exactly five feet of snow mound out from the curb on both sides of the street. Further, plows repeatedly drove up and down without even attempting to push snow further back. Your statement is disgraceful to read and blatantly false.