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Saturday, February 11, 2017


That little counter on the right is clicking away, and it looks like this may be the week We The People hits 2 million visits.

Thank you for your continued support, readership and information that has made this blog so popular.


Anonymous said...

.99 cents x 2 million = ???


I wish

Anonymous said...

Great job.

The people are looking for the truth and those in power want to hide it.

Keep it up and the elite left will organize and pay protesters to attack you.

Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed for the same reason
-robin williams

Anonymous said...

Great work Kevin. You are real news. We the people are sick and tired of FAKE news such as the failing Hartford Courant and others such as NY Times, Washington Post and CNN that only promote their radical left wing one sided agenda.

Kellyanne Conway that's Me said...


"...the elite left..." You should change that to "The absolutely insane unstable right wing nut ensemble..."

Anonymous said...

Kevin Brookman closing in on 2 million visits. Great reason to celebrate.
City of Hartford already closing in on 5 homicides this year. Tragic.

Anonymous said...

Kevin,Do you count the times Perez,Segarra,Borges,Waller,and the rest of Hartfords corrupt political hacks checked in?

Kozi said...

Congrats Kevin, I agree with the anonymous poster who said you should have a .99 cent app!!
Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Brookman! I'd shell out for your app, money well spent.

I work at city hall unfortunately ... said...

Whats the deal with city council meetin ton ? They make the laws these days.

And yes. I would purchase a we the people app. But u gotta add the weather or a yard goats scedule