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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The "For Sale" signs will be going up on Hartford's Dunkin Donuts Park soon,  if one Hartford City Councilman has his way.

On the agenda for Monday's night Council meeting is a resolution by Councilman Larry Deutsch to instruct Mayor Bronin to put the  park up for sale, with a  6% profit.

Deutsch's resolution reads:

(COUNCILMAN DEUTSCH) Resolution requesting the administration to advertise and put up for sale Dunkin Donuts Park for the price of total development cost plus 6% as soon as possible giving the current “corporate consortium” including Dunkin Donuts, Aetna, Travelers, Yard Goats ownership, Bear’s Barbecue, Hooker Brewery, etc. the right of first refusal. 

I think the Councilman left out the "low mileage" part and "never been used". I am sure there have been many days when Mayor Bronin had wished there was a way to dump the stadium, but somehow I think the bondholders who financed the project may have some ideas different than Councilman Deutsch, not to mention the legal aspects and I would imagine the Solomon's would have some legal claims also if the stadium were to be sold out from under them. But then again maybe they could cut a deal with the new owners.

Councilman Deutsch, is it too late to add a friendly amendment?  I suggest "Successful bidder is also required  take I Charles Matthews and the Hartford Stadium authority as part of the deal"

And we wonder why the suburbs and the region won't take us seriously


Anonymous said...

This has to be a joke. If not it is a perfect example of why Hartford is the mess it is with the so called leaders wasting time on something like this. Is he not aware that Hartford is circling the drain financially and they are stuck with this debacle, Segarra's Follies

Anonymous said...

It's common knowledge that COUNCILMAN DEUTSCH should've been committed to the Institute of the Living many many many years ago.

Bill Katz said...

Oh this is so funny. I will be there. This is a belly laugh. You go, Larry.

Ted Kolosky said...
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Bill Katz said...

On a more sober note, beside the comic relief that Councilman Deutsch has expressed, would anyone like to weigh-in on the concept of "Authorities?" What is their history? How can this entity be amended so that future elected fools cannot skirt around referendums to finance this kind of boondoggle of a development. I have not read any discussion on this topic. If this incredibly stupid project was enacted today, it will be used again someday in the future.

Failing Courant said...

Once again, the failing Hartford Courant, steals the story you uncovered, and makes it headline news today.

Anonymous said...

Give it to UCONN Let them put baseball and other activities in it. I find it hard to believe that a wed 11am home yard goats game will be exploding with fans. Let alone stacks of cash to spend on overpriced food and parking downtown. Where are fans going to park? Or maybe take the failed fast track. Plenty of room on those buses

General Grievous said...

Every last person on the council knows that the stadium can never be sold for a profit, or break even. They could pass the resolution safe in the knowledge that no one in their right mind would buy the stadium at cost.

Best bet is to fire the Yard Goat freeloaders and bring in a team that can pay the city something greater than zero dollars, but the entire costs will never be recovered. The alleged private developments around the stadium haven't happened, will they ever? Then add in the I-84 redevelopment chaos that could happen soon, what a debacle.

How many firings have there been at the incompetent Hartford Stadium Authority? To my knowledge, not one. Drain the swamp. Bronin has been running the city for a while now, long enough to say he hasn't made necessary changes.

Anonymous said...

1:24pm: Drain the swamp? How? The swamp is already covering the entire city.


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Ted Kolosky said...
Good luck selling any asset for a profit when the whole world knows your broke and vulnerable.
Not going to happen, you be lucky to get .50 cents on a dollar. All anyone has to do is wait for the foreclosure sale.
With people like Deutsch, no wonder.
On a related issue the state wants to spend millions on a new baseball facility for UCONN.
Why don't the politicians practice what they preach about sharing resources and costs and team up with Hartford and make DD more usefull and cost effective for all. 25 minute ride to park for games won't kill UCONN and will drag out of towners into Hartford to boost commerce. They can drive right by the other multi million dollar white elephant, Rentschler Field, on the way.
And you tell me pensions are breaking the state and municipalities.

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