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Monday, February 20, 2017


I don't think I need to sit in front of my keyboard and defend the Hartford Police Department, but I do think I have an obligation to expose ignorant remarks and divisive behavior that undermines the relationships between our  Police Department and the community. Last week a resolution was introduced to the Hartford City Council by Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudes.

The resolution seemed to imply a conspiracy by Chief James Rovella, in conjunction with Mayor Bronin to dismantle and overthrow members of the Civilian Police Review Board. It appears, or was being insinuated, that this conspiracy was being orchestrated to cover up allegations of abuse  and findings from a June 4th incident . From what I know, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

One of the allegations is that "new video" had been uncovered from the incident. That is totally untrue  and reckless. The incident had been released to all of the media sometime in October. This video was part of the State Police investigation and despite the requests of Chief Rovella to obtain the video and release it to the public, Litchfield County States Attorney David Shepack refused Rovella's request.

During the investigation, Chief Rovella offered an invitation to community "leaders" for an opportunity for a briefing. I think  Chief Rovella called the meeting in part due to the lack of transparency and his desire to release the video that was being withheld by the Litchfield County States Attorney and the Connecticut State Police. Sadly I think three or four of us took Rovella up on his invitation and no City Councilmembers or any members of the CPRB were in attendance.

During the month of January I was made aware by a source that HPD Internal investigators were focusing on a specific video clip from a West Hartford Police dash cam that showed several plainclothes police officers kicking a handcuffed suspect while he was on the ground. The investigators identified the plainclothes police officers as HPD officers.

At the January Public Compstat I asked Chief Rovella and Deputy Chief Foley about the video. Although they wouldn't comment on the ongoing IAD Investigation, Chief Foley said that the video had already been released to the media in October. Unfortunately it was during a period when I was hospitalized and I didn't receive it. Foley said he would get a copy of all of this discs with video for me, and true to his word, within a couple days I had probably 12 DVD's with all of the video from HPD dashcams, CSP dash cams and West Hartford PD's dash cams. The same video investigators used and was given to the media previously

Would a Chief involved in a conspiracy or a cover up do that? I doubt it, but it sounds good if you want to start a conspiracy theory to further your agenda, whatever that agenda may actually be.

It was hours and hours of watching very boring video, until I found the clip from the cruiser dash cam of Officer Iacovino from West Hartford. I was a little surprised when I found the clip in question and wondered why I hadn't seen it anywhere before. I think everyone was focused on the Spell video and didn't take the time to thoroughly review all of the discs. So it really wasn't "new" video that had been hidden away as part of some  grand cover-up scheme. And any Council person could have made the same request as I did to obtain a copy, if they were really interested in the truth

The allegations regarding the Civilian Police Review Board shakeup are pure nonsense. Any member of a Board or Commission that claims they are backlogged and can't meet because they don't have enough members to make a quorum, and haven't been vocal  about the problem , should be removed.
There are plenty of ways to get the message out  and force action, but to just sit back and live with bad conditions until you are threatened with replacement, is the height of incompetence and inexcusabe.

Any Board as important as the CPRB is to public trust in our Police Department ,would easily attract media Attention if Commission members dropped a dime to any TV station or media outlet. To sit on their hands and accept a backlog of cases and and lack of a quorum for months ,if not years, is disgusting and any Commissioner worth their weight should be ashamed in their lack of action. The public deserves better and so does our Police Department.

Another fact that seems to be conveniently overlooked is that Chief Rovella launched the initial investigation over his concerns after being made aware of the condition of the suspects in their arrest photos. People who usually are involved in a conspiracy and cover-up don't make the initial complaint to begin with.

It also should be made clear that Chief Rovella and Deputy Chief Foley have been extremely transparent when it comes to HPD.  Sometimes that transparency is almost nauseating when I start getting messages and "tweets" from Foley at 6:00am on a weekend, but it is transparency.

I mentioned ignorance a couple times at the beginning of this post. It may be a strong term, but there is no other word to describe not taking advantage of opportunities to educate yourself. Especially when you are going to go off and write less than accurate resolutions that you know nothing about. As part of HPD's transparency , there are numerous opportunities for self education, unless of course that doesn't fit in with your personal agenda or desire to actually be somewhat knowledgeable as to what you are talking about.

The Public Compstat sessions are a product of Rovella and Foley's efforts at transparency. It would be enlightening to anyone that wants to know more about their Police department to attend one. It would definitely be beneficial to a CouncilPerson to maybe learn a little more  about what our Police Department does and what actually goes on  in Hartford .if they were to attend. To this date I don't ever recall seeing Councilwoman Bermudes at a Compstat meeting, athough I have seen Council President Clarke, Councilman Sanchez as well as Councilwoman Jennings there. I have never seen the Chairman or Vice Chair of the CPRB there either.

The next Public Compstat is this Thursday at 5:30PM at HPD Headquarters  at 253 High Street. They are not intimidating, there is no need to sign in or even identify yourself. Just go to the front desk , tell them you are there for Compstat and someone will give you directions to the elevator and the 2nd floor Compstat meeting room. Questions and input are welcomed during the meeting and a lot of valuable information is shared and you can also talk to police officers and Command staff before and after the meetings.

To view my previous posting and the related videos to the incident, click here

On February 18th, HPD issued the following statement:

Council Person Bermudez is correct, the Police Department should not have any say on who sits on the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB). Yet we have the right to say when CPRB is non-existent and failing the city. We realize how important effective and relevant oversight is to our community. But when CPRB is asleep at the switch for far too long, not paying attention to what is happening and then drags the police department into their political squabble to save their jobs- yes we respond. I believe Councilperson Bermudez was notified of the CPRB replacements well before they asked for the names of the officers. I believe she has the emails to prove it.

My full statement is below:
To effectively and actively lead the external oversight of the Police Department, the Civilian Police Review Board must take great care and effort to examine and understand circumstances, practices and facts. Many things in the resolution put forth last night are just incorrect. The resolution itself and some of the things said last night are likely reflective of the lack of effort and knowledge of the current CPRB.
External, independent oversight of the Hartford Police Department is critical to us and the Hartford community. That oversight has been non-existent. It’s unfortunate that only now they, the CPRB, have come to life, using the West Hartford incident as a political bargaining chip to save their positions. Oversight must be based on fact, not politics. Their lack of knowledge in the process and this ongoing investigation demonstrates a clear need for new effective and active oversight of the Police Department. We welcome and support external oversight.
We also share the same transparency goals as the CPRB. We have consistently been a leading police department in transparency and outreach. We have demonstrated this on many levels and on many occasions, including the handling of sensitive ‘use of Force’ incidents in our city. This resolution put forth is centered on the discovery of “new video”. The fact that the CPRB is claiming they have “new video” is insulting, embarrassing to them, and again demonstrative of their lack of involvement and effort. We put out all the video we had, (including the referenced “new video”) months ago, to every media outlet, the day after we received it. This “new video” was released to community members and media on October 5th, 2016. We made copies and provided DVD’s to anyone who asked, for free. From the moment we received it, this “new video” has always been and will be a part of our internal investigation. This “new video” has been and will be a part of the ongoing external criminal investigation.
Again, this West Hartford incident involving Hartford Police Officers was investigated outside of our jurisdiction. It occurred outside of Hartford and was investigated and is being prosecuted in another part of our State. The transparency of that external criminal investigation was not consistent with our own transparency practices. It should be noted that we initiated the investigation, on our own, hours after the incident occurred.
Separate from the ongoing criminal investigation, we also have an ongoing internal administrative investigation. We again are committed to making this internal investigation public upon its completion. We have also cooperated with the Civilian Police Review Board as it relates to this investigation. We give them everything they ask for and more in a timely manner.
The City of Hartford Civilian Police Review Board is external and separate to the Police Department, as it should be. We the Hartford Police Department, as well as the community, rely heavily on the active critical oversight provided by the CPRB. Regardless of who sits on the board, we will continue to cooperate with them completely, as required. We look forward to working with a functioning, active CPRB.
Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley


Anonymous said...

Foley doesn't speak for me or anyone in my community he shouldn't even be a chief with his racial and political views on people of color

Alyssa said...

In the spirit of transparency, would you mind publishing the invite to community "leaders" that you speak of in paragraph 4 of your post? I think it's important for others to see the list of the Chief's invitees.

Sounds rather extraordinary that NO Council members or members of the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board attended the briefing offered, as you describe. Unless there was another briefing/meeting the public is not aware of?




I am sure you can call the Chief's Office and they will forward you the e-mail.

And since you mention "the spirit of transparency" I think it is also important that you, as a vocal critic of the Police Department, let people know that you had received an invite from Chief Rovella to sit down and get a briefing on issues of concern to you and he would answer any questions you presented as well as show you pertinent documents. To the best of my knowledge you have not taken the Chief up on that offer.

If the Chief would make that offer to you, I am pretty confident he would do the same for any Councilmember or Civilian Police Review Board member that wished to educate themselves. Also, it might be a good idea for you, as well as anyone else from the community interested, to attend a Compstat meeting, you might be surprised at what you could learn there.

Anonymous said...

Councilwoman Bemudes is a well meaning and thoughtful councilwoman. But she is uncompromising on issues and is willing to throw out the baby after the bath water. We have made a mountain out of a molehill in my opinion on the matter of overreach of the police on that criminal who was unfairly beaten. I am always the first to yell police brutality when needed. And while an argument could be made and is being made about this incident, I just can't and won't make that criminal a poster boy for irrational police misconduct. And it is unfortunate that this must turn into a major major. Give it up, Miss Bermudes. We heard you. Are you defending the skunk who put many lives at risk? If you are objecting to the over reach, fine, make a statement and be done with it. We have far more important things to deal with.


Fallen Star said...

Thanks to Governors like Malloy, Mayors like Bronin and councils like this city council, keep up the stellar work.........

Hartford Ranks Among Worst State Capitals to Live In: Study

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors at Compstat meetings those numbers mean absoulutely nothing if there are no jobs or recourses people are going to commit crimes period and a cold harsh reality is the criminal justice system and the police departments treat people of color differently

Anonymous said...

It's people like you who do nothing but divide racial relations. You know absolutely nothing of his racial and political views on people of color. You are ignorance and racism at its purest form. You don't like Foley because he is white and has blonde hair and blue eyes, the same reason I'm sure your a Trump hater.


So now job creation is a function of the Police Department? Maybe the Council could focus on jobs instead of useless tangents

Anonymous said...

Yah.....people of color get away with murder....literally. (Sounds like WS again).

Anonymous said...

Kevin, time to start moderating comments from these ignorant racists which are part of the systemic erosion of this city.

Anonymous said...


JOBS? Grow up. The city of Hartford isn't in the business of employing everyone. If you are looking for a job and can't find one, it's probably because you didn't prepare yourself for any position in life. Stock boys are always needed at the supermarket. Maybe I should say "stock men."

And if that doesn't float your boat, go into business for yourself. Stop munching on government for a job. Take a risk, develop an idea for service of some kind, and implement it. That's what us big boys and girls do.

I welcome you to play with us.

Alyssa said...

Yes, Kevin -- as to your comment above, I have been a vocal critic of ONE central aspect of HPD for several years: The Shooting Task Force or STF. I believe it has taken away critical personnel from other units, operated at times as a "cowboy" unit, interfered with other operational aspects of the police department, and contributed to the already-poor relationship that HPD has with the Hartford State's Attorney's office. There used to be such a great and PUBLIC rapport between HPD, the former Hartford State’s Attorney Jim Thomas, and various Hartford resident groups. For a variety of reasons, that professional relationship has deteriorated so badly that we needed to bring back the Feds/U.S. Attorney’s office. I do applaud Chief Rovella for making that happen.

With the expanded availability of Shot-Spotter technology and opening of the police data center, I think there is all the more reason to end STF. I have always preferred a beefed-up Narcotics unit because where there are drugs, there are guns. At one point, our Vice/Narcotics Unit was down to 4 people. I understand that situation has been remedied but I still do not support STF when overall force numbers are down and the sale of narcotics is Hartford's #1 root cause of gun possession and crime.

But thanks for the suggestion – I will go ahead and FOI the invite you received.

Anonymous said...

Not at all but claiming more police officers on the street are somehow gonna deter crime is laughable at best

Anonymous said...

Bottom line you'd could have a million cops running around in the streets of hartford if there's no jobs and no recourses what is thst gonna do if a man is hungey enough he might rob steal and kill to get sum food and if he hungry enough he just might rob and kill a cop from behind until there's an equal distribution of wealth and recourses and the government stops flooding our communities with drugs and guns there will always be violence so like I said Compstat is nothing but smoke and mirrors


Maybe at the same time you can ask for the invite that was extended to the Hartford delegation and city council members to view the videos. I believe Council woman Bermudez was part of the group that viewed the video in October. To now claim it is "new" video is an outright lie, or maybe she is Hartford's version of Kelly Anne Conway and she just "misspoke"

Anonymous said...

Alyssa seems to have all the answers. She's obviously clueless as to many issues. GA14 issues- Gail Hardy. You think it's bad now, wait till Hightower becomes supervisor. All they do is demean officers.
And sale of narcotics is the #1 root cause of gun possession and crime?!?! She's completely wrong. Maybe she should do some research as to what the root cause for current homicides has been. Fighting the war on drugs again is not the answer! How did that work out in the past?

Anonymous said...

Hartford is so " LOW IQ ".

Alyssa said...

To 5:12 PM:
"Clueless" and "completely wrong"?? Pretty harsh descriptors. When disagreeing with a named post on this blog, it's only courteous to identify yourself. But I can hazard a guess or two...

The elements of a partnership flows both ways. Hartford State’s Atty. Hardy has a record of difficulties with two chiefs, HPD conduct, arrest warrants and witnesses. She has chosen to build ZERO community support while in office for 20 years and tried very few cases on her own. Hartford residents liked the open style of former State’s Atty. Jim Thomas and that’s what we continue to need. Both Chief Roberts and Rovella stood ALONE month after month, year after year at community meetings. At least Asst. U.S. Attorney Gustafson has been at Compstat trying to be part of the solution. Last month, I asked our City Council President to start hosting the old-style community meetings where ALL elements of state and federal law enforcement attended and would answer questions.

Project Longevity was/is a disaster under Gail Hardy, yet worked elsewhere in Connecticut. And Hartford should have been leading the way last year with our own Drug Court like other communities in New England. That Drug Court could have altered many families’ lives in the REGION, not just Hartford. Our Community Court was a copy of what was being done in NYC. I was there, as part of the community, helping bring that to Hartford so many years ago. What a success it has been.

I’ve known Emory Hightower for over 20 years. He is someone I can agree to disagree with. He tried to do the right thing many years ago, was punished, and then forced to “do his time”. That’s what happens to those who try to make change in Hartford. Admittedly, I don't know about his record at the State's Attorney's office but will ask tomorrow.

And regarding guns – if you’re robbing a bank, stealing, assaulting someone or shooting a gun – it’s related to drugs 95% of the time. Where there are drugs, there are guns. Pretty straightforward. Anyways, Kevin has been challenging many to attend Compstat to better understand what’s going on. Let’s see who in Hartford answers that challenge.

Bill Katz said...

@5:12 and Alyssa

Without any data, it would be hard to believe that guns and narcotics don't go hand in hand. Just last week, a pick-up truck driver slammed into a snow bank on Linnmoore St coming from from Monroe st. He had just overdosed on herion and had to be narcaned back to life.

The answer to the drug epidemic at least with heroin is to decriminalize it and make it available in the methadone clinics for dedicated addicts. Allowing this will take the need off the streets. It would make a huge dent in the drug gang profits. A needle exchange program would reduce STD infections. (There is a new wave of infections in the making.) it would end overdosing and loss of life.

I can find no down side to decriminalizing heroin other than reducing prison population and employment numbers. But it won't ever be done because we rarely embrace real solutions. And this is one long, overdue solution. Again on my street alone last spring, a middle aged woman slammed head on into a car at 7 AM and she too, was ston ped on herion. At 7 AM. I found in front of my hous last year alone, two bags of herion and one crunched up $10 Bill.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa, could not agree more with with everything until the last paragraph. It's funny you mention project longevity, it has worked in other cities as you mentioned, maybe your right as to why it's failing in Hartford. However, you should read the book that project longevity is based on by David Kennedy, Don't Shoot, the End of Violence in Inner City America. It's also reading material for promotional exams, one of your friends could probably get you the book. Once you read the book, you'll have a better understanding as to why an aggressive war on drugs in the inner city is not the answer. From a civilian on the outside looking in, your theory seems rational, however it's not the answer. Actually, an aggressive inner city targeting of drugs and drug dealers has shown to create the opposite, an elevation of gun assaults, as rival dealers and gangs turn to gun violence in a fight to take over new drug turf as police arrest dealers. When the arrested dealer gets out, he often turns to gun violence to take his turf back. A viscous and deadly cycle is created. Intel based targeted police enforcement of known criminals involved in violent (gun) crime by local, state and federal agencies is the answer. Harsh sentencing and making arrestees poster children for why not to turn to gun violence works wonders. I'm pretty sure, but not positive, one out of Hartford's six homicides this year was directly related to drugs. If anything, it sounds like your doing your part and are engaged looking for solutions, which is much more than many others can say.

Anonymous said...

I'm a convicted felon residing in Hartford, can I still attend the compstat meeting you mention? I wanna see what I can learn


I don't see why not, we are a second chance society. They probably already know you

Anonymous said...


Just bring extra socks and underwear.

Anonymous said...

Bring Steve Bannon Sheriff David Clark and Rudy Guilliani to CT the holy trinity will fix hartford

Alyssa said...

To Bill Katz and Anonymous at 7:56 PM:

Thanks to you both for your observations and suggestions. I did see that accident on Linnmoore and I'm sorry you've had to experience this firsthand. I will get a copy of the David Kennedy book and familiarize myself with that line of thinking.

Now that the Feds are back in Hartford, I am hopeful things will quiet down, just as they did in the 90's. Plus, as soon as the City does a better job of getting the word out that with all of the cameras, tracking, Shot-Spotter, high-tech and evidentiary methods we now have, it's NOT worth committing crimes because of the high percentage of getting caught. Hope to learn more today -- see y'all at "Compstat".

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

I am reading this blog yet again and see that some in the city are happy that the FEDS are back in town to "help with the violence" in the City of Hartford. No one can replace the Hartford Police who are busy every day working the streets to make each of us safe.

While federal assistance is welcome there is a period of adjustment for incoming federal agents to learn the city. And in investigations especially street ones everyone can be sure that it is the men and women of the Hartford Police Department who do most of the actual work.

Federal agencies lend a lot of resources to the city and that is always a positive. Convictions in federal court bring longer prison sentences to those convicted and those bad guy are off the street for longer periods of time and this safeguards the city and its residents.

A good partnership can bring good results but lets not hold a parade yet because outside agencies are coming to assist the department that does its job every day and well.

Anonymous said...

I am in patrol. On mids in the northend. U are completely clueless and make yourself look even more stupid with your quick little valley girl replies.
Its sad that you think every criminal will be terrified to commit any crime due to cameras and shot spotter. Maybe you can start a community block watch and patrol the streets with a flashlight to deter crime. While u sleep in your bed the city explodes with gun fire and its geting worse.
But since you are so fluid on every issue, maybe u can educate the dept at community comstate with your vast knowledge of police experience. Im pretty sure you will just sit there and say nothing.
Criminals dont care about their victims or a camera. Maybe you should write another useless memo.

Anonymous said...

Midnight patrol, just take into consideration what officer Alyssa gets her information and thought process regarding crime from, then you'll understand. Not very hard to find out.

Alyssa said...

Cowards, sign your name or get off this blog. You are embarrassing the department.

Chris -- All I care about is that the Feds are here for the purposes of giving longer gun-related sentences. You were here previously and then at Trinity. You know that a LOT of bad dudes went away for a long time, which DID reduce the amount of gun crime and drug sales for awhile. Not saying they are here to do HPD work. Tx for your input.

Anonymous said...

I would love to post my name. But this city has a habit of revenge. And i actually enjoy my two pjs a day. So dont try to look tough by asking for my name. I know who you are, but you most certainly dont know who i am. I like it that way much better. So get off your stack of phone books and keep ur pie hole shut.

Good luck with your memos to no one that cares ....

Anonymous said...

Cowards alyssa? When was it made a requirement that you sign your name. You don't work at HPD, you don't have to worry about being targeted for commenting. And if you want to talk embarrassment, it's time you looked in the mirror. You are completely clueless as to your opinion about how HPD should be staffed and how crime should be addressed.


Ok, enough bashing of Alyssa. She does have the guts to post under he own name, and that potentially brings some consequences. With that being said, Alyssa (and several others) accepted my challenge to attend Compstat. I think it was a great learning experience , especially for those who may think they know what goes on on the streets of Hartford and within our Police Department. I think Alyssa may have had her eyes opened a little bit tonight and it actually was a great night to learn about the partnerships between HPD and the Federal agencies. It is interesting that US Attorney Mike Gustafson has been at every Compstat I have attended, yet I have never seen the Hartford County States Attorney attend. Chief Rovella, ATTY. Gustafson and the Federal partners actually seem like they are putting the "turf" issues aside, laying the ego's to rest and actually doing what is in the best interest of making Hartford a safer place. When the Deputy Special Agent in Charge of ATF can drive down from Boston to address residents, that should be commended. I also commend everyone that took the time to attend, Alyssa included. I only wish the Councilwoman who thinks she has the answers regarding HPD would have put her ego and preconceived notions aside and actually be part of the discussion. And I didn't see any members of the Civilian Police Review Board there either

Next month the focus will be on the opioid epidemic and should be very interesting

Anonymous said...

Well said Kevin. Gail Hardy could care less, she is the problem between HPD and the GA, and also for letting felons go free with zero punishment. Security guard Torres and councilwoman Bermudez could also care less. It's only about their political agenda. They are all the problem, not the solution. Nice to see Alyssa attend along with the federal agencies that have always been on board.

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

With Mike Gustafson in place I am confident that the rights things will happen. Federal investigations take a lot longer than local ones do and as a result many of the crooks are on the street longer but once convicted are gone for a long time. While those are in progress the citizens must give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt.

State investigations like CORA (Corrupt Organization and Racketeering Act) cases can be wrapped up in three months or less with the right investigators on the cases and good verification of the info leading to arrest. Its an all out effort and also time consuming but effective. That's how the Hartford Police were able to dismantle 20-Love gang sets in Stowe Village and Nelton Court. Lots of arrests and the leaders got hit hard with time, lesser members not so much.

I have worked with many federal agencies in all sorts of cases while a member of the department. Most good, some not so good but the job always got done.

Its easy to be anonymous.

Bill Katz said...

Narcotics and guns are the two crime elephants in the room. So let me give this argument a try. As I've said before, 40 years of the "war on drugs" and all we have today is the biggest drug epidemic in history. An addict can by a bag for $1.75? As was stated at Comstat. Does anyone really thing this war can be won? Only if you want job security in the department.

Decriminalization is the only answer as I have stated above. With regard to firearms, the country is the most violent prone of delve opted nations. Our laws on ownership are an abomination. Some of us have fought the good fight on gun control to no avail. The NRA, now an organization that represents the gun industry, has too much clout with Congress. But if police around the nation would support those who have been advocating for gun control, we would make huge strides.

In talking with a few rank and file officers, most have shown little interest in gun control laws. My theory is that most officers came from military and many have fought in our many useless wars. They were trained using weapons. Weapons are their friend. They are habituated to firearms as the solution to protection. It's a false concept. More guns mean more deaths. And when I read how police officers are gunned down and their fellow officers can't understand that our easy access of firearms contributed to their deaths, and they don't respond with common sense advocacy, I realize the fallacy of the human mind to not comprehend the big picture.

So I issue a challenge to law enforcement. Come join with those of us struggling for sensible gun laws. Screw the sensible terminology, I want stringant gun laws. While I don't want to speak for the Chief of HPD, I think he understands this idea. Just as we are in the cutting edge technology to instantly spot gun shots, Hartford could also be in the vanguard with our police force strongly advocating for real gun control legislation. And to advocate for other police across the country. This is a national problem. And if anyone thinks that police have no business involving themselves in politics, we have only to recall FBI director Comely using his position to throw the recent presidential election.

On point of cameras and effective policing, it helps but it won't solve the problems. It is vitally important to look at solutions never implemented but, in my opinion, having a high degree of success. Narcotics and guns. Decriminalize heroin and distribute it in methadone clinics. They want and need the high so give it to them. This in turn would diminish the drug gangs ability to profit from this drug anyways and this one is the most profitable. Along with strong gun legislation and we will have a safer society.

So do I hear Chief Revella making a strong public statement? Do I hear the police union wanting to make a difference and taking a stand in favor of gun control legislation?

Anonymous said...

Any EAP on line for this individual?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Somebody get a handful of oats and please lead this jackass back to his pen where he can stand out the remainder of his life hee-hawing his shit political ideas.

Cops like guns, get over it
Cops hate drugs they ruin people's lives
Our union is NOT going to side with Rovella, just the way it is.
Cops know that a gun is just a tool used by a CRIMINAL. If you commit a violent felony against someone we realize the courts do nothing.

And since there is no cause and effect let's change that. If your a convicted felon and get caught with a firearm your hand gets cut off! Kill somebody during the commission of a felony? EXECUTED as soon as found guilty!! What do you think of that mr Katz?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking how to reply to mr katz, as he is obviously still delusional over Hillary's loss that the FBI caused as he states. How do you even begin to reason with such a mentally disturbed person? My only suggestion would be a commital to the IOL, maybe sharing a room with councilman Deutsch.

Anonymous said...


I don't know how Mr Katz feels about having a hand get cut off and being executed for carrying a gun? I think you are straight out of a crackerjack box as well your pal at 1:58. But let me say that I would like to hire you guys to collect on my overdue accounts. I was first trying to interest ISIL members to motivate my customers pay up but I think you could do better. You will earn a percentage of the monies brought in. Are you squeamish about decapitation?

How about it, gentlemen.