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Sunday, March 26, 2017


At a time when it seems like half of our Country has lost their minds over the election of a President and the other half is borderline over the loss of a candidate, when Senator Murphy is writing op-ed pieces apparently predicting  a war in Syria and our Mayor is about to borrow $20 million dollars to get us out of debt on the hopes that we will get additional money from the State of Connecticut, which is probably just about as close to bankruptcy as the City of Hartford.And oh yeah the Affordable Care Act is who knows what for the future.

So I just thought it was time to lighten the mood for a few minutes and give you a chuckle. The video below is an act from America's Got Talent. I am not sure if it is the same guy, but I think I saw this act once during halftime at a Uconn Women's basketball game.

Enjoy, and laugh a little. Lighten up, it's good for your health. The second youtube video below is one I found after the original posting and it is the one I mentioned from a Uconn game as you can see from the Huskies logo on the Xl Center basketball court.

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Bill Katz said...

Outta sight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your blog and your hard work in reporting the real news stories that deserve our attention.

Kozi said...

Awesome!! My family's official dance song!!!