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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I remember years ago there was a bumper sticker "WHO NEEDS POLICE?...EVERYONE"

I don't think  that could ever be truer than it is today, but we seem to be losing sight of that.

Yesterday, Connecticut's House of Representatives debated a bill aimed at Police Brutality.

 Abusive officers can not be tolerated,and theHartford Police has done a pretty good job of dealing with the issue  but Representative Gonzalez of Hartford seemed to paint Law Enforcement Officers with a pretty wide brush yesterday. Gonzalez also seemed to not have a problem with incorrect information during her rant. Despite her comments, Hartford Police Officers do not get free meals or get their meals paid for as part of their lucrative benefits. And they don't carry "bats".

The Connecticut State Police do get a meal allowance, but that is as a result of a Collective Bargaining agreement approved by the same Legislative body that Representative Gonzalez is a member of.

 Although Gonzalez portrays the men and women of Law Enforcement as "Cowboys" with "Bats and Guns".  ( I think she probably meant badges and guns, but I'm sure for her performance, cops with bats probably fit her image better)

The other three videos below are just an example of what Police Officers in Hartford and across our Country face every day as they work to protect us.

The officers in these videos exhibit great restraint and professionalism as they deal with unruly parties. Listen to the anguish in the officers voice as he tries to talk a gunman down before he had to shoot him to protect his and others lives. Watch the Philadelphia Officer as he puts up with the rant and behavior of a drunk or impaired TV reporter. I doubt many of us mere mortals could show the restraint  this officer did. At the very least she should have received a face full of pepper spray or a Taser dart .

The last video has some pretty poor police tactics as a suspect pulls a gun from his waistband and opens fire on the officers , as they talked to him the entire time before the shooting and treated him with respect. I think it shows the human side and how bad things can go bad with our officers. There clearly is only instinct and survival mode as these incidents unwrap very quickly.

And yes, they are still humans doing a tough job.

This type of behavior is more the rule than the exception.

 Representative Gonzalez and her fellow critics need to get out of the confines of their Sanctuary at the Capitol and get in touch with what goes on on our streets.


Anonymous said...

I was goign to post this comment earlier in the week, but this posting is more timely now and appropriate for this posting. The previous comments about the HPD range came about because of the HPD Academy LT being caught with her pants down, literally.

After watching these videos, especially the last bodycam footage, everyone of us that steps on the HPD range should be thankful that the days of a case of Redbull and a carton of cigarettes to qualify are gone. The training that takes place at the range today hopefully prepares HPD officers to be prepared for the people out there that are more than willing to take an officer's life.

Hose me down, throw mud at me, hell,make me qualify in a blizzard, if it makes the training more realistic and gets me ready to defend my life or the lives of other officers or citizens, I am ready to applaud the range officers that are willing to do their jobs ( And no, this is not the range officer writing)

Keep up the good work Sgt. C. . Nothing personal, butI hope I don;t have to say someday I owe my life to you and your training

Anonymous said...

I dont know who is more ignorant. Minnie gonzalez or that drunk white broad. At least she was fired. I cant imagine what the other legislatures think when she even opens her mouth.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened with the crabtree theft investigation? Not even a summons . Wow. I guess they did not want to item A his horrible supervisor at the time. Pitty.
Rendock is heavrens little minion. Heavren and mertes are birds of a feather. This outcome will be interesting indeed. And u better FOI it to read here brookman.
What are the vegas odds that rendock completely screws it up ? 1-3

Anonymous said...

LT Mertes will be a captain this fall anyways. Let her keep her take home car. Shes been studying in her down time in the academy. Plus the oral exam is always pre rigged for certain ones to excel.
The dept is running out of bad apples to promote. what happens to the rest of us when rovella leaves?

Minnie Sucks said...

Minnie Gonzalez lied and distorted facts. Her kids are convicted felons. It's amazing she can lie as she did. She's a complete POS. No wonder the bill didn't pass. The black and PR caucus completely disgraced themselves and showed their true colors. LOSERS.

Anonymous said...

She might be out on maternity leave by the fall if the stories are true. Anyone that would promote her to Captain should be committed themselves

Anonymous said...

Minnie Gonzalez, the Dame State Rep whose kids are convicted felons and gun and drug runners and her husband was arrested while he was working for the City oF Hartford in his City car patronizing prostitutes. Minnie Gonzalez , a stellar example of a fine law abiding family and a fair and impartial Legislator

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting. She could barely speak English. It's because of turds like her, the cop hater bill wasn't passed.

Anonymous said...

Can you really blame Minnie's husband for patronizing prostitutues? He gets a pass on that one!

Anonymous said...

Minnie must be working part time at Mynex with that outfit.

Anonymous said...

She is a perfect example of why Hartford has so many problems. She sounds so ignorant and is reflective of the dumb ass community leaders that speak for Hartford. Other towns have educated, ARTICULATE and smart leaders of their community. We get Minnie's illiterate and uninformed stupid ass. Police brutality is what's wrong in Hartford? Dumbest thing I ever heard.

Anonymous said...

How in hell does a Minnie Gonzalez get elected to be a state representative? Was she owed a favor from the DiBellas or the Ritters? I remember two years ago at the DTC convention, when Pedro knew he wasn't getting the nomination and stormed out of the building. Minnie followed, yelling "We're going to take it to the streets!" She says that Hartford is not "the wild, wild west"? Oh, but it is Minnie, but it's not the cops who are wild. Come on down to Wethersfield Avenue any night--or even during the day. You'll see cars coming down the city street--on the center line--at 60 mph, running lights, driving in the bicycle lane. You'll see gangs of people on dirt bikes and ATVs, sometimes riding in packs of 30 or 40, stopping traffic, terrorizing pedestrians, and coming close to hitting cars. You'll see them tearing through Colt Park and destroying grass and vegetation. They come in the park long after sundown and vandalize city property. After 11 p.m., the street is a drag strip--cars race each other at highway speeds. In April, there were two accidents within two days. One ran up over the curb, smashing into a car parked there and pushing it into the wall of an apartment building. The other one I witnessed while standing outside in my front yard--car came up the street doing about 65-70, screeching tires, ran up onto the sidewalk a few feet away from me, crashed into a steel pole, knocking it over, swerved back into the street and continued racing toward Main Street. If anyone had happened to be on the sidewalk, they would have been killed. And I'm sorry, Minnie, but at least 90 percent of the people who do this are Latino. I'm not stereotyping the race, but that's the reality here in the south end; total lawlessness--the wild, wild, west.

Hpd south employee said...

Thank you from the HPD south ofcs in regards to your last commenter . I wish more law abiding citizens like yourself called hartford home. It would make the job easier. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Minnie does not represent the Puerto Rican community in Hartford. She is a disgrace to our community and a monumental embarrassment. We need a leader people can respect and our kids can admire. How can we preach importance of education when we elect as our leader someone whose been here for almost 40 years and can't speak intelligently in public. I know it's difficult to assimilate but you brag about how long your in politics and speak at a third grader level, come on now. Who we elect to represent us says a lot about us. We need more leaders like Edwin Vargas and get rid of trash like Minnie.

Mongo Dio said...


Thank you. If I was Latino, I would be embarrassed. I have always observed her and her "third grade" articulation. But realize, those who re-elect her over and over are no more educated and no less ignorant than she.

Anonymous said...

So where was the explicit language and content and where exactly did Minnie tell a lie unlike your followers kevin atleast she has the tetestical fortitude to put her face and name to her comments I find it funny how you embellish your posts to fit your narrative quick question biws that homocide walmart case going aftrr ya friend Foley went on national television and confirmed it was a drug deal gone bad before letting all the facts come out from my understanding that guy waa telling the truth and he's walking away Scott free he was legally armed and was being robbed???!!!


Minnie,Minnie,Minnie or should I say 10:36am
It is not all about you, and if you took the time to watch the other videos you would have seen what the warning was meant for, especially the Philly video, but that is probably normal language for you.
And I think the term you were trying to use was" intestinal fortitude " not "tetestical".

Hooked on Phonics Ebonics said...

Oh my. Minnie writes in the same language she speaks! Horrifying!!