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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


A home invasion in Hartford yesterday could have turned out much worse if not for a well prepared and calm thinking homeowner and a great response by the Hartford Police Department.

The details are outlined in the unusual Occurrence Report above.

Aside from the details of the crime, one of the most troubling aspects is that the criminal has over 130 arrests, and is still roaming Hartford's streets. What does it take for someone to get jail time in Hartford? I guess climbing through a window into an occupied residence armed with a knife is not enough.

Again a great response by HPD and a great apprehension by K9 Rosco.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE Expose these CT judges and prosecutors who allow these criminals to roam free . Who should we call/write/e-mail and hold accountable ?

Anonymous said...

This is a scary situation. This man has been arrested time and time again and he still walks the streets of Hartford. Obviously, there is a problem with the system.

BOHICA said...

2 Woodside Circle is where John Cotter's family lived before he shot them to death and him self back in the summer of 1989.

Chris Lyons said...

LeRoy Mims. A true piece of garbage and waste of a human being. He has plagued
the City of Hartford for decades. This is a guy who can't ever be rehabilitated
ever. Always violent especially towards police when getting arrested which seems to
be a regular event in his life. Nice work by Officer Mauro and the K-9.

Hopefully Mims won't get a 131st chance but you never know. Democrats are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Hartford Courant is reporting 46 convictions out of 130 arrests. That's a 35% success rate. Wonder how many arrests came in under Hartford States Attorney Gail Hardy. Thanks to Judge Nguyen-Dowd for raising bail from $100,000 to 750,000. At least she understands math.

Anonymous said...

Ask the court about the soon to be gone laws on the books for pan handling and loitering.
Mass just changed their laws. CT is next.
Being kept hush hush.

Anonymous said...

I somehow want to blame Trump and/or “white privileged” suburbanites for Leroy’s behavior ,but I’m having a hard time . Can someone please provide suggestions for my propaganda, SORRY ! I meant narrative.

Anonymous said...

You're scum

Anonymous said...

No he’s not.....he’s 100% spot on.

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

Lets not let this topic of repeat crooks pass without Shadeed Islam, who plead guilty to the murder of Kareem Lewis on South Marshall Street in 2013. He took a plea bargain for a lesser charge but Lewis is still dead.

Shadeed Islam is a suspect in at least two other murders and not that he is safely in the clink where he richly deserves to be witnesses who were previously afraid to talk to Hartford Police about the other violent crimes he was involved in.

Shadeed Islam--a true piece of _______________________

You fill in the blanks