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Monday, November 13, 2017



At 7:45am a Hartford resident called the Hartford Police Department to report that while his 2001 Ford Taurus was warming up in his driveway, the vehicle was stolen by an unknown suspect. HPD Officer’s responded and reported the vehicle stolen. At 9:23am HPD got a second call from the resident. He reported that he was now on Maple Ave where he had found his vehicle and fired a gun shot. HPD Patrol Officers responded to the area of Campfield Avenue at Maple Avenue. The resident stated that he had just observed his stolen Ford Taurus being driven and then parked in the area of Shultas Place and Maple Avenue. The suspect/driver was still in the vehicle. The resident stated that he confronted the driver of his stolen vehicle, at which time the driver pointed a firearm at the resident. The resident produced his own firearm and discharged a round, striking the suspect/driver of his stolen vehicle in the cheek/jaw. The now injured suspect/driver of the stolen vehicle drove away at which time the complainant called the police to report the incident. Moments later, HPD dispatch received a report of an abandoned motor vehicle at the intersection of Webster Street and Crown Street. HPD Patrol Officers responded and located the stolen vehicle with a broken window and blood evidence. Moments later another call was received of a gunshot victim in the area of 215 South Street. HPD Officers responded and located the gunshot victim, who was transported to Hartford Hospital for a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the cheek/jaw area. It was learned that the gunshot victim was a 17yo juvenile from New Britain CT. who already had an active arrest warrant for auto theft charges and a lengthy history of stealing cars in the region.
The resident is cooperating with the investigation, and was transported to the HPD Major Crimes Division for debrief. The investigation revealed that he was a licensed pistol permit holder. He gave a statement and was released. At this time the investigation is active and ongoing.
HPD C4 is reviewing video of the area.
The Juvenile has admitted to point a weapon at the resident.
Juvenile is in Hartford Hospital with non-life threatening injury.
The Hartford State’s Attorney was notified.



Guerilla Grodd said...

Lol at lengthy record for stealing cars this POS will end up dead or or prison for years if he don't change his life around hopefully this the wake up call he needed that legal gun owner a better man than me I would of pistol whipped him half to death after i shit him

Anonymous said...

What type of health plan does the juvenile have ? Do you think he has a large deductible? Is it as good as what the Hartford Firefighters negotiated for ? Too bad his New Britain address disqualify’s this dirtbag from meeting the high standards that Hartford’s Mayor and Chief Freeman set , he would have made a great Hartford firefighter or DPW worker!

RB said...

It'd be a shame to have to support this 17yo POS in prison for the rest of his life.

IMO, the car owner needs to spend more time on the Range & sharpen up his skills.

Anonymous said...

New Britain ? How did he get here? Bus line?

Anonymous said...

In prison for the rest of his life? Really....for what? This 17 year old criminal already has an extensive criminal record for stealing cars and had a warrant for his arrest. Have you missed the headline news of career criminal Leroy Mims arrested for a home invasion? 130 Hartford arrests, now 131 Hartford arrests. GA14 is a complete failure. Do you realize what it takes to be incarcerated in this liberal garbage state? 56 year old felon career criminal with 130 Hartford arrests, doing home invasions, what does it actually take to get incarcerated I ask. What would’ve happened if the victim didn’t have a fortified “safe room”. The average person doesn’t have a “safe room”. But crime is down and Malloy is closing prisons. Had the prisons been used what they were built for, like locking up career criminals like Mims up, there would not be a reason to close any prisons. CT is failing miserably under liberal democratic leadership.

RB said...

@9:50 AM
You are correct. Hopefully, we will change it the next Election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Or a East Haven cop