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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Is the Hartford Board of Education once again hiring someone to have a new hiding place once their previous home got a little too hot?

What is the real story here?

This is what happens when there is no competitive process and people are allowed to hire their friends. Shouldn 't this process at least be put on hold until the matter is properly vetted and before we allow another $175,000 salary at the BOE?


Anonymous said...

Its beyond the civil action.. apparently there are also ethics investigations and FLA Department of EDUCATION investigation for falsified documents and issues with miss use of teacher evaluations ..a running list of bullying, lies ,abuse of power and corruption. Oh and his winning endorsement more than 2900 signatures in his previous district petition for his resignation since late October. Must be a real GEM Folks. Apparently administration is the only field where they just keep recycling the trash.. How dare the superintendent even suggest he be hired and the board of idiots who never did a background check should all be replaced ..Another abusive swine put in charge for big $$$ of the backs of taxpayers in Hartford.
Too many news articles to count..start with this one..

Anonymous said...

This is very true! No selective screening process. They hire their friends. Look at this two buddies from Springfield MA-
"While speaking with his friend Kevin McCaskill in Hartford, Jonathan was was impressed by the Theory of Action and by the progressive school reform taking place in Hartford. Wooed to Hartford Public School's Office of School Design ..."
Kevin is no longer at HPS, but told Swan about the 6-figure income of many administrators in Hartford.That was the enticement! Direct hire despite many qualified educators who are actually Hartford residents! Now this sleazoid who was not even investigated about an incident/complaint (RJ style) to avoid another public scandal about inappropriate questionable behavior in office is getting 180k, far from Springfield's 90k.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I'm so glad that you are looking at the Hartford Public Schools again because there are so-o-o-o-o many issues! Every time a new Superintendent is hired we are told that cuts will be made in Central Office but that never happens. You would think that with budgetary times being what they are, this Superintendent would try to trim the fat. After our history of questionable hires, you would think she would choose new people with care. But no, just what Hartford needs is another Administrator who has been fired from a previous job. Just recently, a Principal who had been fired by Achievement First, and was then hired by Hartford, was put on Administrative Leave for inappropriate behaviors. After a lengthy investigation, instead of firing him, he was just moved to another school.
What can taxpayers do to fix this? How do we get the board to do its job? How do we get the Mayor to do his? How do we get the Hartford Courant to tell the whole story (they had a sham piece in yesterday's paper)? Hartford needs oversight!!!

Anonymous said...

This superintendent ,hmmm. every time I listen to her talk, I say wow that was smooth.
I wish I took bullshit 101,when I was in college

Anonymous said...

The leader of the school system is just a paid victim of the tyranny of the central office. From what has been presented here, it is easy to see how this vicious, self-serving, incompetence would be so welcome at 960 main street. Florida's gain will be our loss. IF you look into the HR department, you will see many of those who have been run out of previous districts including our departing Chief of Staff. Be careful what we say here, we want to make sure New Haven has signed her on otherwise we could be stuck with the incompetent BULLY! That is how she is referred to even by the cabal of central office. Many are confident that the superintendent will clear out the infection that continues to affect the school system.

Reduce all of their contracts to one year and eliminate them post-haste. Start by clearing the HR department . . . perhaps the me too movement of those who have been abused in the past will come forward and those in power in the HR department will have to slink away back to where he came from. Perhaps we can find another secretary to empower with decision making power with no experience. FOLLOW THE MONEY! The highest paid office bureaucrats are the people who are causing such a problem in the district.

To use the new Non-Negotiable language. Unless your position is not directly related to the education of children, your position should not be funded by the residents of Hartford and the people of Connecticut. Let them be the drain on other places. Hartford's past mistakes have been sent to Arizona - - Google the Million dollar mistake and follow the failure to plum job in Hawaii - - It will blow your mind when you think of her failure here.

Hopefully Hartford takes notice of past failures of leadership

Anonymous said...

Please look into this school consolidation and closure plan.

Anonymous said...

Where does the money come from for all this high end hiring? Maybe Hartford is not in the hole as the Mayor states. I’m in the belief he’s totally bullshitting everyone.