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Friday, May 25, 2018


I am still trying to comprehend how anyone could do this to  defenseless children  A child of 6 weeks  who is now dead.

Just trying to imagine what kind of animal could inflict this damage and pain on a child, broken collar bone, broken ribs, brain injury and eventually death. And maybe the term animal for the parents is too good, even wild animals don't treat their young this way.

And what kind of psychopath can inflict this damage and then go back to bed, as the police report states. I can only hope that every time these two try to sleep and close their eyes that thy will have nightmares including images of little Emily's face as they inflicted their damage and torture /

In this day and age ,there are plenty of options for parents who cant handle a new infant. Seek refuge for the child at any firehouse or Hospital Emergency Room. Abuse and possible death is not a solution.

 The child has since died as a result of the injuries inflicted


On May 25, 2018, at approximately 1255pm Hartford Police Department Patrol Officers responded to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center in response to a report of an infant that suffered serious injuries. It was determined that the infant was approximately six weeks old and sustained severe injuries to include cranial bleeding, severe bruising, rib fractures, and a clavicle fracture. The injuries, to this point, have been described as non-survivable. The listed injuries were classified by medical staff as not being self inflicted. The infant was listed in grave condition and currently continues to receive emergency medical care. Detectives from the HPD Special Investigations Division and the Major Crimes Division responded to the hospital and assumed the investigation.

Detectives from the aforementioned divisions conducted post Miranda interviews of the victims parents, Edwin Babilonia and Ashley Perez. It was determined that the incident occurred at the families residence at approximately 0600 hours on the same date. The location was later processed with the assistance of Detectives from the Crime Scene Division. As the investigation proceeded it was determined the circumstances surrounding the incident were criminal in nature. Probable cause was later developed to charge both Babilonia and Perez in connection to the incident.
Edwin Babilonia and Ashley Perez were both found to be in violation of Risk of Injury to a Minor, and Cruelty to Persons and placed under arrest. The parties were booked and processed for the listed charges at the Hartford Police Department Detention Division and each being held on a $500,000 bond.

At this time the investigation is currently open with additional charges pending.

Arrested #1: Edwin Babilonia (dob 7/7/94) of 173 Ashley Street apt 308, Hartford, CT Charges: Risk of Injury to a Minor, Cruelty to Persons
Arrested #2: Ashley Perez (dob 9/22/97) of 173 Ashley Street apt 308, Hartford, CT Charges: Risk of Injury to a Minor, Cruelty to Persons

ABUSE ARREST by kevinhfd on Scribd

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