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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


After last weeks vicious assault and stabbing of HPD Officer Jill Kidick, Hartford Firefighters are showing their support for HPD and all first responders.

Traditionally there has always been a rivalry of sorts between Police Officers and Firefighters. That is all put aside at times like this, and Hartford Firefighters came up with a special show of support this week.

The thin Blue Line flag , which is a sign of law enforcement, is now being flown on the back of Hartford Fire Department as a show of support for Law Enforcement. According to HFD Chief Reggie Freeman "We are all brothers and sisters in Public Safety"

The show of support from what I am told, started at Engine 2 on North Main Street and was quickly supported by the Hartford Firefighters Union , who purchased additional flags to outfit the apparatus.

The Thin Blue Line flag on the rear of HFD Engine 1

Wishing a speedy speedy recovery for Officer Jill Kidick


Anonymous said...

Very nice gesture. Anyone remember when we used to hang American flags on the apparatus and one of our past chiefs ordered us to remove them? It's nice that Freeman allows the members to show some pride!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, the rivalry really is a sign of that harsh brotherly love. We bust balls and make fun of each other. Once on a while something does come up but it's rare. Dont get it confused. I treat any Firefighter I toss in my back seat like any other s.o.b. Oops did it again. Lol Love my brothers and sisters of the FD.

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery Officer Kidick from your brothers and sisters at HFD.

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time before some BLM activist or one of John Selders people complains about the thin blue line flag and Lying Liberal Luke orders them removed. Very nice gesture by HFD.

Anonymous said...

Nice gesture but police should really come up with another flag design that’s not so openly disrespectful. Altering the American flag is not the way to show support and in any other context most people would have a problem with it. I support police but will never support that flag.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev, Word on the street/in the hood is Eminem and Jay Z had a squabble at Hartford’s Safety Complex HFD side ,,,,you know anything????

Anonymous said...

Who is Eminem and Jay Z??

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

Remember the old "Andy Griffith" Show when Andy and Aunt Bee went to Hollywood to film a movie called "Sheriff Without a Gun", I hear a remake is in the works called "Deputy Chief Without a Gun" and it will be based in Hartford. Any thoughts?