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Sunday, July 8, 2018


Screenshots form Yard Goats burglary video ( the originals are much clearer)


Patrol Units responded to Dunkin Donuts Park for a burglary complaint. Upon arrival investigators retrieved video of 2 Hispanic males gaining entry into the park by climbing the fence. Furthermore, motion sensing cameras within the facility capture much of the incident, showing the same two Hispanic males breaking glass cases and stealing alcohol from the Yard Goats Club. There is also substantial property damage within the suite level. Stolen property includes but is not limited to an Apple Ipad, and the baseball thrown as the first pitch on opening day. MCD detectives responded along with CSD. Evidence was collected by detectives. This investigation was assumed by MCD. 

And once again, we see that Hartford doesn't have the brightest criminals. It is probably not a good idea to burglarize a building loaded with Security Cameras recording your every move. It is definitely not a good idea to steal an Apple I-Pad.  especially when the I-pad has the "locate my I-pad" app enabled.

After the I-pad was stolen, the owner of the device activated the Locate my I-pad app. The app pinpoints an apple I-phone or I-pad to within feet of its actual location, helping Police to retrieve the device.

When HPD went to the address pinpointed in the app, they were unable to find anyone willing to answer the door.

Luckily, one of the burglars had also been wearing a very distinctive pair of sneakers which were visible in Dunkin Donuts Park video.

Apparently an alert Police Officer investigating an incident at Walmart recognized the sneakers as the same type being worn by the suspect and the suspects address as the same address pinpointed by the find my I pad app.

End of this dumbest criminal story, the suspect is in custody, most of the items stolen during the burglary have been recovered and the suspect is also a drug dealer and more poison has been taken off our streets.

Great job HPD.


greggo502 said...

The catching of these assholes and the arrest by HPD just made my night!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the “bad guys” who misused and stole money from taxpayers to build Dunkin Donut Stadium can’t go to jail also.