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Monday, July 9, 2018


From HPD:

SUBJECT: False Police Report (Drowning) 697 Windsor Street Recreational Center

Patrol responded to a 911 call of a drowning child at the Willie Ware Center. Upon arrival it was learned  that the call had been made to evaluate the response time of emergency services. 

A cooperating witness gave a written statement, reporting that the suspect sat next to her at the splash pad, complaining to her that the police do not care about the "poor black community" in Hartford.

 Furthermore to prove his point he dialed 911 in her presence, reported a child was drowning, and was met by an exceedingly rapid response from emergency services. A copy of the 911 call was retained as part of this investigation. The suspect was taken into custody and charged accordingly.

Jeremiah Grant (dob 6/10/84) Lka. 44 Warren Street Hartford, CT was charged with Falsely Reporting the Incident

We are fortunate in this City to have many good Police Officers and Firefighters who potentially respond to lay down their own lives everyday , regardless of ethnicity. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Well he’s gonna pay for that unofficial affirmative action!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Hey brian. Where is the fox 61 follow up ? Why were you not at the vigil? You always run your mouth but fail to show respect. Its ok civilian. No more parking where u want downtown anymore i guess. The meter maid was gentle compared to me. That 33 would be sitting in the friendlys lot within 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Civilian brian not a good person. Park anywhere u want downtown i see. What so cheap to not park in garage ? Them civilians there will see ur snake oil saleman act very soon. Yelling at co workers and treating others like crap does not work in the non hpd world.

Top five worst cops in hpd history

1. S. Meile
2. D. Oconnor
3. B. Foley
4. Stackowitz
5. Green / 36 comp cases ( hpd record )
6. L. Mccoy

Anonymous said...

Kev, Outta curiosity,, Did Brian Foley have knowledge that this system was not functioning?? If so , why didn’t he “pony up” the few hundred to fix it if he cared so much?? I’m sure he would have been reimbursed quickly by Hartford in that he has the ultimate threat by using/misusing his new media position. I’m assuming a HPD A/C pension along with a television gig salary AINT TOO SHABBY!!! I know it’s not his responsibility but Brian Foley can’t have it both ways without someone making a comment. I’m not a cop but here’s a question for those in HPD ,,, Is Foley gonna throw you brave men and women under the bus to validate his necessity at Fox 61?..

Anonymous said...

Answer is of course he is. He threw his own under the bus while he was a cop, he’ll do it even more so now. He already threw Chief Rosado under the bus with his “death penalty” comment at the news conference. One of his own reporters immediately without hesitation threw Foley under the bus. Foley pulled that stunt to make Rosado and HPD look bad and make himself shine. Foley needs to have all information lines within HPD shut off (take note Cicero). You don’t owe Foley anything Paul. Block him is my suggestion to you.