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Sunday, November 18, 2018


Our founding fathers built this Country on the idea of a "Representative Democracy".

Take a moment to think, forgetting State and National politics for the time being, just ask yourself , locally who is representative of your thoughts and ideas, does anyone listen to you locally?

Have you ever attended a City Council meeting and felt that Councilmembers were actually there to represent you and what affects your daily life and the lives of your family?

Better yet,  have you ever attempted to speak during the Public comment session and did you feel as though anyone was listening from the Council Dais? Several of the Council members were probably missing or eventually wandered in when it fit their schedule. And if they were sitting there, were they actually listening or were they busier texting on their phones or whispering their side conversations , not hearing a word from the public speakers,.

In a City our size, we should be able to find people that actually represent us. People we know from school functions, people we know from the grocery store, people we know from Church, people we know from attending NRZ meetings , people we know from volunteering with out in OUR community.

Our system is broke, no doubt about it, and the power is in our hands to fix it. We need to take that power back if we are going to change our City to actually work for us and not for the politically well connected. We need to elect people because they care about us and actually can relate to us. Not people that know how to play the Democratic Town Committee ass kissing game in order to get shoved down our throats  or radical enough in their thinking to garner the favor of the Working Families Party, many of these people we have never seen out  in our neighborhoods at a Community clean up or food drive or recognizable to most residents.

Ok, a quick test here, name the members of the Hartford City Council that represent you, name three members of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee from your neighborhood.

We have to stop electing people because they know how to use the United States Post Office to send fundraising letters across the Country to line their political coffers to buy their offices.

That is not representative Democracy as our forefathers intended, that is selling our Government to the highest bidders.

The POWER is in our hands and we need to come together as a Community to start flexing that power for our own well being and not the well being of the political leeches in our City.


Kevin Carroll said...

Well said

J. Stan McCauley said...

Truer words could not have been said Kevin! Hartford, read this at least three times! Government belongs to the people. Constituents matter!

Anonymous said...

Despite the best efforts of many people, it certainly feels like the lock by DiBella and others is unshakeable. The LAST thing they want are leaders that will do right by the City - how in the world would they continue to take advantage if City government started holding people accountable?

But, it's a little encouraging that the possibility/likelihood of absentee ballot fraud is finally being investigated.

Thom Page said...

Thank you Kevin.

Anonymous said...

You end with "The POWER is in our hands and we need to come together as a Community to start flexing that power for our own well being and not the well being of the political leeches in our City."

Well said, but for us newbies in the city, what power do we have and how do we begin to come together to exercise it? I hope you can write a follow up to this post to address that question.