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Monday, August 26, 2019


 The smoking gun, read further for the explanation.

The more I research the purchase of the 10 new Chevrolet Tahoe's the more suspicious I am getting.

What am I missing here and why has one blog post sparked such an uproar? I have received several phone calls from City staff members , all trying to get me to back off on this story and trying to convince me I am wrong. Their efforts make me think more strongly that I am actually on to something, I am just not sure what yet.

Last week I had requested documents through an FOI request related to the purchase of the 10 Chevrolet Tahoe's. This is what they sent me this morning. Am I really supposed to believe  that a legitimate Chevrolet Dealer would submit a quote with a value of almost half a million dollars written in black sharpie? My sources had told me originally that the cost of the Tahoe's was $43,000 and $48,000 each. That is exactly what the quote shows ….until the "sharpie" marker notations.

I was also told last week by Chief Thody that one of the reasons that Hartford was not buying the less expensive (and extremely popular) Ford Explorer Interceptor was because HPD would have to spend at least eight  hours in driver retraining for anyone  issued an Explorer.

 I have spoken to sources from the Connecticut State Police , who operate several hundred of the Ford Explorers and they weren't aware of any specialized driver training. Apparently when they originally switched from Crown Vic's to the Explorer and Taurus, there was initially driver training, but not today. I also contacted several local municipalities operating the Explorers , asking about any special training. One training officer replied that any claims of training requirements was "Nonsense" another Police Official said that claim was "Ridiculous" and no additional training is required other than what officers receive at the Academy during initial training.

Is this Legit? Is this how the City of Hartford does business with a Sharpie marker?
I still stand by my original numbers from my source of $43,000 to $48,000 per Tahoe, and that is not even including the roughly $13,000 for the light package and other upcharges and also a couple thousand more  per vehicle for the 2 way radio.

Again, I am not sure why this purchase and my posting has sparked such a furor. Maybe it exposes the incompetence of City purchasing or maybe because it exposes the sense of entitlement that exists among the Command Staff at the Hartford Police Department. It is also somewhat unnerving the extent that HPD will apparently go to in an attempt to expose and identify my sources. This isn't confidential or protected information that I am given. It is public information.

It is a little  unusual to think that a caravan of 10 brand new Chevy Tahoe's being driven down Albany Avenue in broad daylight would not arouse some suspicion

As soon as HPD Command staff members found out that I knew about the purchase they started their witch hunt to figure out how I knew. I am told a Lieutenant met with Laz Parking, the operator of the stash house, I mean Morgan Street Garage, where the Tahoe's were originally tucked away.  Once I  posted the pictures of the Tahoe's lined up on the 5th floor of the Morgan Street Garage, they were immediately moved to an "undisclosed" location. I guess they also analyzed the pics I posted and found my reflection in the chrome grill of one of the Tahoe's.

I guess they haven't heard about or have maybe forgotten about something called our First Amendment rights. I had every right to be there and photographing anything I can see in the public view.

Photo below sent to me from a HPD source. My reflection in the chrome grill. Doesn't HPD have anything better to do?

The smoking gun, proof that I was actually there, yes those are my legs and I was wering khaki shorts. I admit it, I confess

I am not sure why. I readily admit I was in a Public Parking Garage where I have every right to be. I was not trespassing or in a posted restricted area

I think eventually I may figure this all out, but in the meantime, something stinks


Anonymous said...

Thody stinks! He has since he pooped his pants courtesy of the USMC. Not one ounce of leadership in that guy. It’s supposed to trickle down Jason, not up. We don’t respect you.

Anonymous said...

It kills the retiree’s to see that guy with 3 stars on his shoulder

Anonymous said...

So it seems basically Thody lied to you about the special training. And Black Sharpie? Are they seriois? Their arrogance and entitlement is sickening! Good job Kevin these bastards really believe they can squander away tax payers dollars as they see fit. Has City Council said anything about this? Election time is coming its time to put all these crooks feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, i’d rather see you be a chief in the complex. You stick up for patrol more than any of our command staff. Including Gabe. Lost a lot of respect for that dude. What happened to your backbone?

Unknown said...

Watch your self Hartford police will indite you for intercerring with the police..

Anonymous said...

Jason, time to wave the white flag, admit you’ve been lying and made a mistake, and move on for the good of the department. Mister Brookman is not going to magically go away. You’ve always been a stellar BS artist, but you BS’ed the wrong one here.

Anonymous said...

He never had one...Capt jellyfish

Anonymous said...

Cadet Thody is a known Liar. Kevin All of us in
Patrol Back You. Thody Lies and Cheats on The Tahoe Subject.
Thody Also Cheats on his new Wife.
Thody please for the Good of the Department resign and Let The Marines handle Buisness.

Anonymous said...

Captain Jelly Fish are you referring to Rethis?
No that Racist who used the N word went To Berlin.

Anonymous said...

No one understands all the HPD codetalk and obsession with what looks like a great deal on paper. I am going to replace my wife's family van based on these incredibly low invoices. Brookman can you get back to the way your blog used to be so broad in covering all of Hartford and politics.What happenned to you? Or is it easier to sit in your truck and wait for the phone to ring from a cop because all your other sources retired or left. Really miss the old days when you had a hammer on Perez.

Anonymous said...

Being called a jellyfish is not an insult its the only lifeform on earth that is immortal i suggedt you morons read a book

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I never thought it possible that a City Of Hartford’s auditor could or would pat themselves on the back for doing an awesome job as steward of the city’s finances!!! I was wrong ,,, this extreme narcissist Craig Trujillo didn’t embarrass himself just once on local radio ,,he did it twice ,, in one day!! He followed your visit with Todd Feinburg on WTIC AM this afternoon describing in great detail how effective he is in exposing Hartford’s fiscal insufficiencies FOR THE LAST 12 YEARS!!!. Kevin, Get this!,,when Todd asked Trujillo for a couple of examples of his revelations he referred to Mayor Pedro Segarra’s misuse of P-card including Pedro’s $3000 payment to Carmon funeral home for service provided to a DPW employee’s daughter. I never realized until today just how fortunate the city of Hartford is to have Craig Trujillo as their auditor and if I do forget ,,,,CRAIG TRUJILLO WILL REMIND ME!!!!

Three Digit Code said...

I recall an instance when I was still on the job of Thody walking into a restaurant on Berlin Tpke with a girl that barely looked 16 trying to hold her hand. He has always liked young young girls. Maybe that’s why Joven Gonzalez hasn’t been fired yet and why he is more concerned with hiding Tahoes. Chief Pinocchio is at it again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah no one cares Rethis used the (n word) two decades ago. Don’t be a hater because he is making bank now

Anonymous said...

City of Hartford purchasing is totally incompetent. Is it possible that there are kickbacks involved? Just asking.
Did anyone ever investigate the purchase of the overpriced "Big Belly" garbage cans in street corners? How many were purchased and for how much? Who authorized the purchase? How many were delivered? How many were installed? How many are still in service?