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Monday, November 9, 2009


After last weeks revelation that a taxpayer funded junket (all expenses paid) was taken by mayoral Chief of Staff Susan McMullen and ten others, the problems with Munis keep on coming.

Last week, the entire MUNIS system was down for an extended period. Now it has been learned that the e-mail portion of MUNIS that forwards messages to city employee's with Blackberry phones has also been down since last week.

Hopefully all of this travel for MUNIS "training" will pay off and the problem will be resolved.

MHIS Director Eric Jackson is apparently unavailable for comment. Sources have said he is in Africa on vacation for two weeks and is then booked for city travel to various conferences for almost a month when he returns.

4:00PM UPDATE- MUNIS/Blackberry service is still down, no anticipated correction date is available according to MHIS.

(Susan, get out your repair manuals from your training and see what you can do)


Anonymous said...

The MUNIS system was only down because the server crashed. Unfortunately in the real world, servers crash and it takes time to fix them. The blackberry service is not on the MUNIS system nor does it interface with the system.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the CIO and Mayor's office also is not on the MUNIS system nor interface with it.

Server crashes are one thing. Extremely bad leadership and hubris is another.

Anonymous said...

Brookman I think you do a great job but the Blackberry problem has nothing to do with MUNIS. You should check your facts before you publish them, they are misleading.


The information came directly from CIO Eric Jackson's Administrative Assistant. I contacted his office after I was told by a City official that they were unable to receive e-mails via their Blackberry's. Jackson's assistant said it was the e-mail portion of Munis that was down and the system was not forwarding e-mails to any Blackberry's for at least a couple days and they had no estimate when it would be corrected.

Sorry if they were wrong, it is what they told me