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Monday, April 12, 2010


Just a thought, but after watching Eddie Perez in court today I kept thinking something was different.

He looked tired, but then again who wouldn't. I'm sure he's having many sleepless nights trying to figure out what he is going to do. Many nights wondering how it will all turn out. Many nights wondering should he roll the dice and go to trial and continue to play the race card and hope for the best or should he cut the deal with the State.

Probably many thoughts about how close his "close" friends really are. How much pressure would it take for a "close" friend to cut a deal and actually co-operate with the State's Attorney. A lot of questions were asked of potential jurors today about a "co-operating witness" and how jurors would weigh their testimony.

No names were mentioned, but it seems pretty clear that someone has rolled and is now a co-operating witness for the State.

But back to Eddie. After looking at a few news stories and "googleing" Perez stories, it was no longer a "gray" area, it became clear to me. Eddie Perez is dyeing his hair. No more gray hair like the picture below taken April 6th, but today Eddie is once again jet black.

Not really sure, but I would think a jury would trust gray haired Eddie more than jet-black Eddie. I guess that is why Hubie Santos gets the big bucks though.

What's next, the mustache again?


Anonymous said...

Kev, forget about the hair. Check out his smile for the cameras. Seriously, there must be a Doc out there prescribing him some happy pills... either that, or he is seriously clueless about the proceedings. Of course, though, maybe he's not worried b/c once he gets to the gated community all of his former homeys will have his back, literally and figuratively...

Jeff said...

Seeing Eddie said "it's all part of the American experience" when asked about how he feels about going to trial and possibly jail, I would say he's clueless and mentally not all there.