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Monday, April 12, 2010

WHO ARE EDDIE'S VICTIMS? (oh yeah, allegedly)

A few months ago I raised an issue that I knew would never go anywhere, but still, I think, a valid issue.

Who are the victim's of Eddie Perez and Veronica Airey-Wilson's crimes ? (oh yeah, allegedly)

Since the crimes involved public funds generated through tax revenue and other means such as Federal dollars entrusted to Hartford, it would seem clear that the taxpayers of Hartford are the apparent victims. It's not Eddie's money or Veronica's money or Abe's money. It was our money as the people of Hartford.

We are Perez's victims. (oh yeah, allegedly)

Now the big issue question. By law, no victim of a crime can be allowed to sit on the jury judging that same crime. Should that prevent Hartford residents from serving on that jury, if they are, in fact, the victims of that crime?

Noted Hartford defense attorney Michael Georgetti apparently feels the same way. He was quoted in today's Hartford Courant,"Frankly, I think you could argue that the victim in this case is the people of the city of Hartford. If I were a Hartford taxpayer, I don't think I could sit fairly on this jury," said Georgetti.

Hubie, quick, file the motions.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to get technical, no resident of the state of CT or a citizen of the USA could sit on Eddie's jury. Why??? Because we are all alleged victims and taxpayers. What??? Yes, if I'm not mistaken almost half of Hartford's funding comes from the state and federal government. Check out any one of Hartford's annual budget books. Look for the pie charts...