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Friday, June 4, 2010


Another opportunity to use this picture of Sarah Barr, but also a time to shed some light on whether she understands her job and more importantly does she understand truth and honesty.

The greater question though is do any of the so called "staffers" of the Perez inner circle understand why they are there. It is pretty obvious that none of them are there to actually serve the City, they are there to support the Mayor. But even in doing that, they are terribly incompetent. How could anyone that is supposed to be loyal to their boss allow embarrassing incident after embarrassing incident to occur. I don't care for Perez, most people realize that, but does anyone in his office have his back and really try to protect him?

Sarah Barr ,as an example, has done more to harm Perez than she has done to make him look good. And right about now it would take a lot to make Perez look good, but it is almost like his staff go out of their way to embarrass him. Could you imagine anyone like Sarah Barr or Susan McMullen surviving their stunts if they worked in the CEO's office of one of Hartford's major corporations like the Traveler's or the Aetna.

I can almost guarantee that if someone with a suspended license was allowed to be hired and then drive the CEO of Aetna for several months, many people down the food chain would be on the unemployment line right about now. But not at Hartford City Hall where incompetence is rewarded almost daily.

It also raises a lot of questions though, the most important being how many other drivers are operating the hundreds of city-owned vehicles that shouldn't be behind the wheel driving. What process is being undertaken to check on that? Knowing the way Hartford operates, probably none. Hartford's version of "don't ask, don't tell"

After I posted the information regarding the Mayor's driver being arrested for operating under suspension I e-mailed several questions to Sarah Barr requesting answers to a few questions I had. In her capacity as the Communications Director for the Mayor, that is her job to answer questions.

I know she won't answer questions from me, but I really don't need her comment because I usually have my facts together long before I even attempt to contact her.

In today's Hartford Courant she apparently did answer questions for them, but her answers seemed far from the truth, if not actually outright lies.

When she was apparently asked if a background check was performed before the driver for Perez was hired, according to the Courant article, she said a background check was performed but "nothing that was red-flaggable" came up.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Unless he had a phony license, a drivers license expired for several years should have been more than "red-flaggable", it should have been "rockets red glaring-able" to grab someones attention. But again, in this administration no one ever acknowledges errors, every thing is always done right.

Barr went on to state, according to the Courant,that the background showed "There were no violations. Nothing came up in the normal process of the check". Does anyone want to place bets on whether an actual background check was ever performed ? My money would be placed on no, absolutely not.

Barr went on to state that "The city did not make a photocopy of his license when he was hired".As part of the hiring process, she said, licenses are examined but there is no requirement that they be photocopied the article stated. My understanding is that for any employer to comply with Federal Law, two forms of ID must be provided and copies kept to verify the employees immigration status when the I-9 form is completed. At the very least the employer must verify that the documents "appear to be genuine and relate to the individual and record the document information" according to federal law.

Maybe since Hartford has designated itself a "Sanctuary City" it can choose to ignore Federal Law.

These are the questions I had e-mailed to Sarah Barr requesting comment:

I am preparing a posting for my blog regarding this and I have a couple questions.

1. Was anyone injured and the extent of the injuries?

2. What was the extent of damage to the vehicle?

3. Was the vehicle leaving the Court after dropping the Mayor off?

4. What process is undertaken to check a city employee's driving history and driving record before allowing them to drive City vehicles?

5. Was anyone aware that his license had been suspended?

6. What was the purpose of the Mayor's Chief of Staff calling the investigating officer to City Hall

None of these questions have been answered by Sarah Barr. That's probably better off though, I'd prefer to deal with the truth rather than lies.


Jeff said...

Add this question. Why did New York request Connecticut to suspend his license?

I love how Pedro Bermudez's response to the officer when asked about his license was "ask my boss". That's what little kids say when they get caught and questioned... "ask my mommy." Nothing like taking responsibility for yourself. Then again after 8 years he probably forgot it was suspended.

The paper also says he said "it's my word against yours." Wow, if that doesn't make me think about Eddie's trial nothing does.

As a side note, why is Eddie's trial getting so little media coverage now? Did they move it to the comics section or something?

Shawn said...

The city's boilerplate job application is posted on the HR website:

See page 2 Section 12 A (List Licenses), page 4(Certification), and page 5 (Question Regarding Conviction). I wonder how Mr. Bermudez answered these particular sections...

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you choose to tie this issue to the city's status as a "sanctuary city." Take your racist @$$ back to Arizona, or Danbury if you can't afford the plane fare. You're in a city that's 80% of color. Live with it or gtfo.



Read the statement again, it is pure and simple a matter of following Federal Law and filling out the I-9 that is required by law. Since when has obeying the law become racist?

You seem as though you would fit in well with the Perez Administration if you aren't in City Hall already. I hear the Mayor is looking for a driver, it might pay more than what you are making now off the City.

And it is narrow minded people like you that think the rest of Hartford owes you something "because Hartford is 80% minority", I don't care what race you are, the divide and conquer isn't going to work with me and quit playing the race game. The laws are the laws

Anonymous said...

This is the capital city of the State of Ct. Why is this still allowed to go on? I hold all of the state leaders accountable including our inept reactionary Governor for not stepping in and calling for his resignation. Enough is enough. As these stories keep coming to light, the whole thing is just beyond ridiculousness. so much damage has been done, it's scary to imagine how long it will take to get out of the whole that has been dug for the city and it's people.

peter brush said...

Ah, yes, Senorita sin-nombre claims Mr. Brookman is a "racist," (or at least his "@$$" is), and he should love Hartford for its of-color-ness or
"gtfo." One of the things that makes living in Hartford so pleasant is its vibrant numbskull-American-community. Actually, the Mayor's Government Auto accident provoked a display of stupidity so profound as to be highly humorous. I mean stupidity above and beyond that of the city in providing Eddie with a car so he can get to his date with a criminal judge/jury. Pedro claims whether his license is valid or not is a subjective question he is as qualified to answer as a cop or the DMV. Juan, on the other hand, claimed his "civil right" to drive his truck into other vehicles with impunity was violated. I have to assume at least some of the cops involved were "of color" else we would have heard that their @$$es were also "racist." Perhaps we yet shall, the mayor himself had his right to a free kitchen/bath violated by "the man." I say we should have a prayer vigil for both Juan and Pedro at which Senorita Sin-nombre could lead us in singing a Puerto Rican analog to "We shall Overcome."

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Mayor Perez shouldnt have a city car in the first place.For once let him do the honorable thing and turn the fkn car in and save the taxpaying citizens some money.

Anonymous said...

Turn his car in? How about turning his keys to city hall in along with those keys held by his appointees? Criminal acts aside, the lack of leadership and financial mismanagement are astounding and have really f-d up the city. This seems to be par for course on a state and city level for some time,l but the voters are too busy watching American Idol to petition for change.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think if state officials and the Governor called for Eddie's resignation, it would matter to him? This is a guy who intends on staying in office even if he gets convicted, and as long as Calixto and Rjo are on the City Council, he can do it too.

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous...Besides Calixto and Rjo...Eddie always has Luis Cotto and Veronica in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous...Besides Calixto and Rjo and Luis Cotto and Veronica, he has some skittles in his pocket.