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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Not every neighborhood in the city has a strong NRZ group operating in their area. But many residents still want to work together for the good of the City. Here is a perfect example. Whether you live in this area or not, crime is an issue we all face as Hartford residents.

Feel free to join the meeting tonight.



Anonymous said...

I see that the neighbors want to get rid of the local prostitutes...but what about the prostitutes in city hall?

Anonymous said...

for all the fine work that some NRZ's the Maple Avenue NRZ, it is a fact that their umbrella group,Hartford 2000 is partially funded and influenced by Mayor Perez and city hall.The city funded non profits are as quiet as churchmice and never criticize the Mayor and/or city hall.

Anonymous said...

actually, Hartford 2000 wrote a very public letter to City Council after City Council doled out $400,000 on the very first meeting of the fiscal year in 2009.

Htfd2000 turned it down yet a number of the better connected NRZs (cough, west end, cough) were more than happy to keep the money.

It's interesting how in order to prove that a group is effective is show proof that you "criticize the Mayor and/or city hall" Then what would Kevin do?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm .. no doubt the bad elements will pay attention to who heads out for the meeting, then rob their houses while they're gone.

Fact is, if they could clean up NYC, which is much bigger than Hartford, they could clean up Hartford. And you do it the same way -- visible cops and nail people for everything. I can't stand Giuliani, but his approach worked. Hartford could make a mint just ticketing people for jaywalking. As Kevin pointed out the other day, it's all about perception -- see a cop on every other corner and you feel safer.

Anonymous said...

What really irks me is that the police can make over 100 arrests at the Dave Matthews Concert, many of them for public drinking but I can't even get them to make one on my street for the daily parade of drunks staggering down my sidewalk as well as the constant drug dealing. Unfortunately the South End NRZ is completely useless, run by a doddering old man who has absolutely no clue as to what is going on in Hartford, outside of his little enclave.

Sean Arena said...

I attended this meeting,
Andrea Comer, State Rep. Kelvin Roldan, Ralph Arena,Ellen Nurse, Kevin Brookman and I, all came up with logical Ideas and answers to this very large group.We will be meeting again with Kevin Burnham at the next meeting. I hope the Police that were there do go back to Headquarters and try to work on our Neighborhood Ideas. They were sensible and something that can start immediately.There was no criticizing City Hall, Or any politicians, This was a group of neighbors coming together to discuss issues in our part of Hartford!!