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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hartford Police were called to Hartford City Hall this morning to investigate an apparent burglary into the Corporation Counsel's Office on the 3rd floor.

No information is available at this time as to what area was entered or what might have been taken.

Could this be another scandal in the making? Only in Hartford.


Matt said...

Is John Rose behind this? Possibly destroying incriminating documents before the new lawyer gets a chance to go over it and report it to the authorities perhaps?

Bruce RUbenstein said...

I dont believe that John Rose would be behind something like my knowledge,he was never suspected of or charged with anything,so there would be no reason to destroy any alleged incriminating evidence.Nor would John Rose do someone a favor by destroying evidence in a matter in which he wasn't involved, knowing that such destruction is possibly a crime.

Anonymous said...

If Rose wanted something from that office, he could have taken it or shredded it before he left. He had plenty of time and no need to risk a break-in. Assuming this wasn't just stupid druggies, I'd bet on Eddie wanting something from the office and using his gang friends to get it.

Matt said...

Anonymous. Yes, I like your logic even more.