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Monday, July 12, 2010


Tonight Hartford's Democratic Town Committee will be holding interviews to potentially find a replacement for Mayor Pedro Segarra's open seat. Segarra's seat on the Council was opened after he moved up to the Mayor's position to fill the vacancy left after former Mayor Eddie Perez became a convicted felon after his corruption trial.

The effort to conduct public interviews could be a good start to restore the public's confidence in a "corruption free" city government. Or it can show that nothing is going to change at City Hall.

Word around this weekend has been that the interviews are just for show, and that the replacement has essentially already been chosen by Hartford's power broker "wanna-be's". Only the decision after tonight's interviews will show if change is imminent or if the whole process was a sham.

Hopefully it will be the first scenario and some people with integrity will be involved to make the right choice. Not a choice determined by who is the most politically connected or who can play the game the best.

A couple of the names I have heard floated are not without baggage and some tough questions need to be asked of the candidates to avoid any more potential "black eyes" for our image as a city.

In the few short weeks, actually two weeks and three days,since Mayor Segarra has taken office, I see the tide turning in favor of Hartford's image. It could be the "honeymoon" period, but I doubt it.

Tonight's interviews could assist the Mayor in our image rebuilding or they can reinforce the mindset that Hartford's politicos don't want to change. Only time will tell.

Depending on the choice, maybe the tough questions will have to be asked here.


Bruce Rubenstein said... you know the HDTC has no jurisdiction in the selection of the filling of the vacancy and anything they say as to who should fill the vacancy carries the same "weight" as any other citizen or group who may have an opinion on the topic.The remaining Council members should consider anything the HDTC does by way of any endorsement to be advisory only and not binding upon the Council.The Council is elected to represent all of us and takes an oath to faithfully carry out their duties,not to merely be a prop for some political party.The HDTC may in fact hurt themselves publically if they are seen as ramming thru a specific candidate to the exclusion of other candidates,especially when they do not have the jurisdictional power to enforce their endorsement..While I agree with some, that it is indeed appropriate for the HDTC to have a "cattle call" or a forum to bring the aspiring candidates forward for the sole purpose of asking them questions,it is a fact that these aspirants have not, as of yet, been vetted thouroughly.I would be totally against the HDTC endorsing anyone filling the vacancy and the public appearance of an over-bearing HDTC pushing for one candidate over others would be similiar to ex Mayor Perez bullying around the Hartford political system to get his pet person in the Council.The filling of the vacany is within the sole jurisdiction of the remaining Council and that is the appropriate venue for future more intrusive interviews.I am glad to see Mayor Segarra ( boy I do like the name i am typing) taking a "hands off" position in the vacancy,as he should.Pedro understands his proper role here...and I hope the HDTC understands their role.

Anonymous said...

any news on Mr Raul DeJesus being fired from the Police Academy ? Itis apparent that he isn't ready for prime time nor fit to be on the Hartford City Council.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's HDTC was a joke...(Jean I know you read this blog) it was an illegal meeting with no public notice and moreover no notice to the entire town committee.The few public citizens who did show up were not allowed to ask the candidates any questions....way to go Jean...thats how you build a party, with secretive meetings and by not allowing the public to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Tom Page almost " lost it" at tonight's HDTC meeting when he was in a conversation with another HDTC member and got up from his seat to punch that person...John Kennelly stopped Attorney Page from striking the HDTC member.The strain of Attorney Page's legal malpractice suit against him both personally and professionally must be the stresser making him intemporite.


please keep it civil. I didn't see it, and I don't need to defend anyone, but in defense of Thom, there a few people in that room that I wouldn't mind getting a few shots in on also. Someone might be better off asking questions regarding any legal problems of individuals who made their "pitch" tonight. Anyone can file malpractice complaints, how it ends up is the issue.

Potential disbarment and arrest though is another issue that we don't need in a councilperson candidate.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Bruce up top except for the obvious fact that there are four Democrats who almost have to listen to whom the HDTC put forth: Winch and Ritter because they are the endorsed Democrats in upcoming elections, Kennedy because he wants to be Mayor and Boucher because he'll go along with the rest. Torres isn't planning on running again so he won't be married to whom the HDTC puts forth.

If above is true, look for one of two things to happen: IF the person is a Latino as expected, Cotto's phone will be off the hook and IF it's a non-Latino, Deutsch will be the one reached out for the 5th vote.

Either way, as much as one might agree with Bruce that the HDTC should not have a bigger role in this, fact is, they are calling all the shots.

And what's up with Page wanting to fight everyone?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people try to ruin a young person's reputation with no facts. The smartest thing he did was to stay away from the city after corruption. Who would want to stay there after that?? If he was fired I don't think he'd be able to get a job elsewhere. I don't think that's possible. I bet the previous mayor made everything possible to make sure the handcuffs weren't put on him by Raul. I am not chosing sides, but when you hear about Mr. Aponte he was the laziest corporation council we've had that even Mr. Perez didn't want him and HE got fired! So, Lets get the facts straight, and lets not try to ruin the fresh blood in this city that we all need!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... messages are about 3 minmutes apart from each other. Brookman good try, we know it's you. If you had good ethics, you woudln't erase this message.