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Friday, July 16, 2010


This might easily be the most difficult post I have written on this blog. I know for sure it is the one that I have lost the most sleep over and spent the most time considering the ramifications, not for me but for the person involved.

Hector Robles is someone I consider a friend, someone I have respected for his actions, his work in the community, but more importantly his honesty and candor with me in many of our private conversations. But like us all, Hector is a human being and human beings make mistakes. How they deal with those mistakes is a measure of themselves and their integrity.

Leadership can be shown , even in the worst situations, by someone who puts the interests of his constituents first, rather than selfish personal reasons. That is exactly the situation facing Hector at this time.

As I said in the beginning, this posting raised several difficult issues. First off, I had no problem raising issues regarding Eddie Perez, John Rose and others. They were easy people to dislike. Hector on the other hand is a different story. He's a likable type guy, always accessible and responsive and overall a decent guy.

With that being said, I would say I expect more out of someone I consider a friend. I had originally heard about an ongoing IAD investigation into certain activities of Hector and his position with the Hartford Police Department. The allegations were troubling to me, and I tried to verify their accuracy. The journalistic standard a couple of my mentors have instilled in me is to double verify everything. Verify the facts through two independent sources who most likely aren't hearing the facts from each other.

The first source related most of the facts to me and advised me that Hector was well aware of the investigation, the facts uncovered and the direction the IAD was taking. The second source related pretty much identical facts and circumstances. But these were allegations that would definitely not only affect Hector's professional career but also his political career.

Not because he is a friend, but because I felt it was the right thing to do I went further. I verified the IAD information with a 3rd and 4th source, both of them also gave me information verifying the facts and all were about the same.

I don't intend to layout all of the information here, but eventually the entire report will have to be released as a public document and will be available here when that happens. In the meantime, it is not a good situation for Hector, HPD or the image of the City of Hartford.

One of the troubling parts of this is the information being fed to the media. Both the HPD spokesperson and Robles are saying that this is an "administrative investigation". This is a matter of more smoke and mirrors. Every IAD investigation could be classified as administrative in nature to begin with. In many cases as the investigation proceeds, information is developed that eventually leads to the uncovering of criminal activity. From what my sources are telling me, that is the case here.

We have had enough of the "smoke and mirrors" defense from Perez's case. We see how that has worked out for him, claiming it was merely a lapse of judgement, right up until the time that a jury convicted him of five felonies. Perez was a huge embarrassment and a media black eye for the city.

Hector has the opportunity to step up, be honest and truthful and do the right thing, unlike his political mentor Perez.It is a very difficult position, but doing the right thing isn't always easy. Admitting you are wrong and are willing to deal with the consequences may be difficult. Putting the city under another cloud of corruption after we are just beginning to come out of the cloud created by the Perez years is not only wrong, it is selfish and will damage everyone in the end as the truth will eventually come out.

Another issue with the investigation is the potential consequences. One high ranking source has said the "ball is in Hector's court". Apparently he has been given the opportunity to resign. That in and of itself is fine if the situation warrants a resignation. If that is being traded for a promise of no prosecution that would be wrong and further undermine the credibility of the Hartford Police Department. If criminal activity is found and documented, and probable cause is established, a decision needs to be made by the States Attorney as to whether an arrest is warranted, not Hartford PD.

Even in a bad situation someone doing the right thing for the City rather than himself will still come out ahead in the end. It might take a lot to regain the public's trust, but being honest up front is a good start.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

Kevin...The public and especially those folks in the 6th district who elected Robles should know about the total number of IAD investigations and what they were for.It is reasonable to believe that Robles,who was always considered a "political son of Eddie Perez" had the IAD investigations quashed, through his political godfather....please create an addendum outlining the IAD complaints for us as they would add great "context" to the present one.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, sometimes an arrest is not always the best option. The cops do not have to check with the States Attorney every time they do not arrest somebody. Descretion. Moreover, the states attorney has established a very clear track record about not wanting to make an arrest in this type of situation. (If a cop gets arrested, then beat the charge on a technicality or A.R., the cop will almost always keep their job) If it can be handled administratively, she wants it to remain in house. If it is handle administratively, it is easier to deal with the problem. Not to mention the costs involved both at the criminal trials and SBMA hearings. I understand your reasoning, but please consider there is a whole other Labor level and many many other factors to this. In some cases it is much better for the city to just get the resignation. Dryfe will do what is right, best and most importantly- fair. Once the case is closed, you'll get your IFile and the many sorted details of this guys shadiness. @Bruce: Not including this IFile, his previous IAD's are nothing too out of the ordinary. This new one is the one that matters and the one the the Rank and File are pissed at him about.

Biscuit said...

With friends like you who needs enemies:

friend   /frÉ›nd/ Show Spelled[frend] Show IPA
1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.
5. ( initial capital letter ) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
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6. Rare . to befriend.
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Bruce Rubenstein said...

Dear the search for the truth, there are no friend's or foe's.While "some" might look the other way or keep quiet for a friend,it is imperative to remember that those in public life owe a duty of "due regard" to the public who elected them before they owe a duty to a friend,while those in search of the truth owe their basic allegiance to the truth and to all those citizens who voted for someone in reliance on the public figure's public utterances.The truth has no friend or foe and it will always set you free.

Dave said...

I kind of feel saying someone is under investigation, but then coyly not saying what for, is worse than laying out all the facts. It invites the reader to fill in the blanks with their own imagination, and they may conjure up far worse things than the person actually did.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Dave...we only know what Kevin has said and what Robles has admitted.I suspect that the investigation report will come to a conclusion soon and will be made public,then we will know with greater specificity what Robles did or did not do.

Anonymous said...

I blame the democratic town committee, Wasn't Hector elected Under Former Town Chair (Sean Arena)Then dumped him for present town chair (Jean Holloway) Why are they not addressing this issue. What are they covering for Hector Robles? I understand this cover-up involves others that Hector is threatening to DISCUSS NAMES, if this does not go away.This could be 100's of thousands of Tax Payers dollars, that have been stolen through false time card activity, and Hectors flight time put in while he was suppose to be ACTUALLY working.Where is the VOTER OUTRAGE??

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonyomus...I grant you that the town committee is loaded with the corrupt,criminals,psycho's and incompetant's, but blame cannot be imputed to them about Hector's own short-comings.

In any event look what you have on the town committee...a chair who has a house in forclosure and a job in which there are conflicts with her role as chair.She is represented in the forclosure by Attorney Tom Page,1st district co spokesperson, who himself is being sued for personal and professional malpractice.Lou Watkins,the vice chair of the party is under active investigation for lickbacks from Diggs Construction.The Secretary,Angel Morales, of the party is a felon.The Treasurer of the party Jay Mullarkey gave money to the Federle for Governor campaign and makes believe that he is a democrat.

Then you have folks like DiBella,Kennelly,Carbone,Minnie,Ramon and others who have terrible political,moral and ethical baggage and some of the others on the town committee are unstable mentally and emotionally.

Hector grew up next door to Holloway and is certainly no better then the above if the investigation comes back negative toward him.

With folks like the above it is no wonder that the statewide campaigning democrats avoid Hartford like the plague.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

I dont see where the 6th district town committee can be blamed for any alleged misdeeds of Hector Robles.If he did what you say he did..double-dip and fly planes when he was on the clock working, it is inconceivable to me that he told any of the town committee members what he was doing.The 6th district town committee cannot be blamed for something that they did not know.

I have heard that the 6th district spokes-person conveined a meeting with Hector this past Saturday in which he declared his innocense.Jan A certainly did her job correctly by calling the meeting when these allegations started to get public.

As to your other allegations...we will await the disclosure of the report and see.IF the report nails Hector for any double-dipping then he should be fired from his job and should resign from the town committee.Also, IF he did double-dip, he should be pressured to resign his legislative seat as state representative.But it is all conjecture until the report is public.One more thing here, I for one believe that Ms Peterson also has some explaining to do..but I will leave that for another time.