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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The first "anonymous" poster on the Robles Hearing Report raised the issue of the "others" doing the same "double dipping", a/k/a Larceny, that Robles has been accused of. Many keep referring to the "list of 11 others" and asking where that list is?

The real doesn't exist.

According to police sources, at least four of them who were closely involved with knowledge of the investigation, the list of real names never existed. In the initial interview with Lieutenant Ed Daley, Robles's supervisor,reference was made by investigators as to the numerous other officers also "double dipping". The tactic of deception is a legitimate interviewing technique when trying to get to the truth.

Although Lt. Daley was interviewed as part of the investigation, there have been no allegations that he was involved other than supervising Robles's time records and not properly supervising Robles's performance.

In the case of Robles the tactic apparently worked as his IAD report and interviews reflect.

It has seemed to create more of a controversy as the word of the list has become public knowledge. I have been assured by Chief Roberts though that if any other names are revealed, those individuals will also be aggressively investigated.

At the time of his termination, according to police sources, Robles repeatedly mentioned the "list of 11" and the "others who were doing the same thing". Robles was given the opportunity to reveal names of others involved.

In the meantime, a new computerized system to track private duty jobs, overtime and payroll should be on-line any day now. According to Chief Roberts, the new system will allow the Department to track billing and payroll and "red flag" any abuse or mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Well well, well this post does a complete 180% turn to one of your previous posts (see below). Your first post is correct Kevin, the PD is in damage control mode and now feeding you crap. It's my understanding Robles held those names back as a type of "insurance" to not get terminated. Now that he was I expect he will be coming forward with that information during his defense process. Some of those names are friends of the Chief, that's the reason the PD is trying to make this go away.


"Although Chief Roberts, as well as others, have stated that the Robles matter was an isolated incident, I think common sense will show it is not.

Sources have told me that it is most likely that several other Officer's potentially may have participated in the same activity that Robles has been accused of. To think that Hector Robles concocted a scheme to deceive the City of Hartford and that he was the only one smart enough to devise such a plan is naive.

The same sources have also advised me that of the other officers potentially involved, they rank from a Captain down through Lieutenants, Sergeants and Patrol officers. This potentially could be devastating to an already understaffed Department if other allegations are proven and result in additional terminations."


Robles was given every opportunity to supply names and up to this point he has apparently chose not to.

I still stand by the original post and I agree 100% that there are others doing the same thing, but there does not seem to be a "list" of offenders , as of yet.


Coward #2,

I have never said Hector is the only one who was smart enough to discover how to beat the system.

Since you obviously have some good inside information you must be aware that every payday it is almost like a contest to see who has banked the most so far for the year. I for one find it hard to believe that the City is properly being served by any officer that is more interested in the PJ hours than focusing on their primary concern which should be their actual shift. When supervisors work a PJ, such as a firewatch, and then report to work their regular shift after a 10 or 12 hour private job, that is when mistakes happen and officers lives are put at risk. You know as well as I do that this has happened. How can a Lieutenant assigned to any Zone be one of the highest earners from PJ's and then wonder why their zone suffers and they are transferred out?

Another big issue are the officers that show up at their jobs and then disappear until it is time to get their slip signed. How do you take a PJ when you know you also have a CompStat meeting at the same time, or PSN or some other obligation?

The system is a mess ripe with corruption and I agree, if it was properly investigated we would need another academy class in real short order to fill the vacancies.

As far as Windsor PD and any domestic issues, I can honestly say I am not aware of any. Dispatch records and incident reports are public information and subject to FOI.

If this controversy continues to swirl, I would hope that Chief Roberts has the foresight to request that the Public Integrity Unit or some other agency fully investigate the matter , if for nothing else than to further public confidence in HPD. It is important to be in front of an issue like this rather than have it blow up, just ask Windsor Locks' Chief how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Kevin who is your second response to? Was a comment deleted?

True Robles has not dropped names yet but "selling out" a dozen co-workers isn't easy. However, now that the PD fired him he might. Time will tell.


This is the reply to the posting which has "disappeared" twice.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WHERE IS THE "LIST OF ELEVEN OTHERS" ?":

Wake up Kevin, please. I’m not saying anything new here that half the PD doesn’t already know. You are getting controlled info from your sources.
Really that number of eleven was an estimate early on in the investigation, and it was well known long before Dailey's interview that others were involved, including IAD investigators. In fact, it was well known as soon as they started looking into all the top money earners in the PD. You have those names right? Audit them. Check all your beloved present or former IAD Sgt’s making $130K+. LOOK INTO THE TOP EARNERS AT EACH RANK, YOU WILL FIND YOUR NAMES AND YOUR FRAUD.
Robles aint the first cop to do this. DO YOU THINK HE IS THE FIRST AND ONLY TO DISCOVER THIS FLAW!!!! Everyone knows this. Manson screwed up by mentioning other names to Dailey. Now the PD is creating this investigative tactic excuse as a convenience.
Look, an officer is getting fired and possibly arrested for this behavior. It is very likely others were engaged in this behavior. Maybe Chief Roberts (your buddy- despite what he says behind your back in command staff meetings) should hire an outside investigator to do an audit of the Officers who have worked the most private jobs. That would quell any distrust. Guess what, that audit will never happen unless the state orders it. And if it does, you are going to find a lot of white out on those time cards by now.
Oh yeah, really? That computer system is coming to correct this problem. OK. Don’t hold your breath on that one. Correct the problem, without looking back to see who has cheated. Typical. Kinda like all that domestic violence crap and EAP help the chief is working on for his officers, still waiting on that one…. Didn’t Windsor PD go to the Chief’s house recently on a domestic dispute??? I'm not sure. Windsor PD response is public info right? I’m not sure…

Coward #2