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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That was a comment left earlier tonight by an anonymous poster on the Eric Jasckson story. Actually the full context was "the rest of is frustrated and feels helpless with all this sort of behavior from our leadership".

The fact of the matter is that we aren't helpless, frustrated maybe, but helpless... not at all.

Less than 10 months from now every Hartford voter will be able to send a message loud and clear that business as usual, the way it has been conducted for the last 10 years is totally unacceptable. All of the City Council seats and the Mayor's Office are up for grabs. It is time we reach out and take what is ours back.

We need to say no to the special interests, say no the the big money donors from outside Hartford trying to buy their way into City Hall and say no to politicians who care more about their own interests than they do the residents and business people who make Hartford what it once was and can become again.

We need to remind our elected officials that no one group "owns" any of the Council seats or the Mayor's Office. Racial profiling by our elected officials is just as wrong as racial profiling by our police. And the fact of the matter is that there is far more evidence of the political profiling than there has been of police profiling. 2,2,2 needs to be gone and we need to find the best possible candidates willing to serve Hartford for the right reasons.

The days of our elected officials using City Hall as their personal travel agency or "jobs for relatives" employment service needs to end. We need elected officials who are able to make the tough decisions based on the best ethical and moral reasons, not what is in their best interest or which decision will best serve their political interests and futures.

We have less than ten months to organize these efforts, bring forward excellent people willing to serve and then make it happen. It probably sounds naive but I think people have reached their boiling point with the level of incompetence and corruption flowing from City Hall. And after the last few years some might even combine the two into "incompetent corruption".

The encouraging part though is that I have spoke with several people over the last few weeks that want to try to work together to start that change. Some I have had bitter differences with, but in the end we can all put that aside and try to work together for what is best for our city, not ourselves.I'll make sure to put information here as we move forward and try to get others involved.

We may be frustrated, but we are far from helpless.


Anonymous said...

One of your best posts yet, Kevin - many are with you on this, as far as putting aside differences in order to move Hartford forward. It's also time for Governor Malloy to weigh in. He needs a mayor and council that he can work with in order to help Hartford, his new hometown. City Hall and its internal workings are a perpetual embarrassment 2,2,2 has got to go. What about Asians, Muslims, Indians, Islanders . . . Hartford has absolutely evolved since this archaic version of "council profiling" as you described. And only 1 woman on council right now? That hasn't happened since the 1960/70's?

Anonymous said...

Is 2,2,2 even legal?


anonymous at 11:37 asked:
"Is 2,2,2 even legal?"

Good question, but when have we started paying attention to the law or playing by the rules? The worst part is that 2,2,2 isn't just a dirty little secret whispered about in the political backrooms of the Hartford Democratic Party, it is freely admitted to at Council meetings and in public. How no one sees this as a form of racism in its worst form and filling positions by racist quotas is beyond me.

Its the same thing as the requirement of the by-laws of Hartford's Democratic Town Coomittee, if the Town Chair is a male then the vice-chair must be a female and vice versa. I thought quotas like that went out when women won the right to vote. It's good to see that Hartford is on the cutting edge when it comes to equality.

Anonymous said...

I never really understood the 2,2,2 before. I am sure this is illegal.

Boondocks said...

2,2,2 is not legal if written down somewhere. Similar to the white baseball owners before Jackie Robinson, there was also a gentleman's agreement to not hire black players. Similarly, the DEMS have decided to always run 2 Puerto Ricans, 2 Whites, and 2 Blacks. Which sucked in the days when the 3 white REPs would be there because then you had 5 out of 9 white guys in a city where whites barely represent 30%.

Anonymous said...

The one women on council show step down. She has cut more deal for herself than anyone I know. She thinks giving the Jamaican everything she can get there vote. she is really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling error. Ooo was only following my Council Presisident spelling. It should say she should step down.

Honest Bodkins said...

Everyone is angry and frustrated.Hartford is and has been infested for a decade with political actors and operatives from ALL parties that are corrupt,criminal and incompetent.And many of the remaining political actors and operatives are "enablers" who look the other way.

The only real remedy is to elect a brand new Mayor and completely new Council.

Anonymous said...

The only real remedy is for the feds to step in, throw the whole lot in jail, uproot the corrupt tree and take over running the city until the people of Hartford get a clue. This is not a situation that will be solved from within, What, a legion of honest politicians is going to magically appear in Hartford? Will they also be riding unicorns while being escorted by the Easter Bunny? Please.

And while we are condemning 2-2-2 (as we should), let's also face facts: Hispanics in Hartford feel a black Mayor would ignore them; blacks feels a Hispanic mayor would ignore them; whites feel any non-white mayor is going to ignore them. So each race votes for their own candidate, regardless of how big a loser he or she happens to be. It's not about policies or positions in Hartford, it's about "who looks like me."

Anonymous said...

2,2,2 is the catalyst holding Hartford back, just look at what happened to the Council Seat held by Veonica not only did they hold 2,2,2, true... they took it it to the level of neputism. Although the Hartford Republicans voted and Kevin B. Carroll was the 2nd highest vote getter by "THE PEOPLE" that never entered the discussion of the dysfunctional Council, it did not matter... in all the Council's wisdom (yes I am being fecious) they decided to seat Veronica's nephew whom never ran for a seat, he was cherry picked by Veronica and I suppose the Jamacain community and puppets;the Council just went along for the ride, the majority Democratic Council did not stop to use reason and say; we got enough trying to seat the Democratic vacancy, let's call the Town Clerk and seat the Hartford Republican resisidents choice after all there was an election and the voters spoke, but NO that was too much like right, fair, justices... NO they used politics as usual the common thread in Hartford leadership, the thread that is the catalyst of the FRUSTRATION felt by me, mine and the Hartford Residents I associate with.

I have discussed with my family leaving this corrupt, poluted city, the city I love but see the same shit time and time again. If the few Hartford home owners that actually live in their homes all take a stand and leave these idiots to try and pretend to save Hartford they will fail and fail misrubly! Hartford has a low owner occupied percentage as it is, just imagine what we can do, HOME OWNERS think about it... pack your families up and run for the hills!!!!!!!