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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sources on both the State level and the local level are telling me that the States Attorney's Office is nearing completion of its investigation into former Hartford Police Officer Hector Robles's "double dipping" allegations and an arrest is likely.

Sources who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity have explained that the state Inspectors apparently expanded the scope of their investigation into allegations above and beyond those originally outlined in the HPD internal affairs investigation.

Robles was terminated from the Hartford Police Department after the IAD report and subsequent departmental hearing showed a pattern of larceny involving Robles's double billing for his regular hours at the same time he was billing for overtime work , or "PJ's".

Although Robles has been the only one charged so far, it seems that it may potentially be a wider problem. At least one officer was found this week to have submitted time cards showing that he was working two overtime jobs during the same overlapping hours. Unlike Robles, this "indiscretion" was handled by a quick correction by a supervisor with no additional action or investigation according to a police source. That is only one example, but where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Robles still serves in the Connecticut General Assembly as the State Representative for the 6th District.

To read more about the Robles termination and IAD report, click here


Anonymous said...

The imminent arrest of this corrupt individual is good news.The only way we can keep our city strong and honest is if the authorities prosecute this people.

malarkey said...

Can he still serve as a state rep from prison?

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Maybe being in prison for a misdemeanor but certainly not a felony.

Anonymous said...

He should not have gotten fired for what he has done. A suspension yes, termination, no. There are other worse offenders in HPD that are part of the good ol boy network and nothing happens to them. How about a former deputy chief, when he was a patrolman shot someone in the back and never reported it. Daddy had to cover that up. A lieutenant, now in charge of traffic that has wrecked two cruisers due to him being intoxicated. Nothing ever done about that either.