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Saturday, January 29, 2011


The picture above is the Bank of America branch at Main and Kensington Streets in Hartford, across from the Rajun Cajun. The lower left hand corner of the picture is where the shoveled sidewalk is supposed to be. This morning I spoke with a few area residents who were complaining that the sidewalk has not been shoveled after the recent storms.

And not just the latest storm either. All winter long the Bank of America sidewalk has apparently been an issue according to former Councilman Steve Harris. Harris has actually called the Hartford Police to complain about the issue. The Hartford Police confirm that they have attermpted to address the issue and the branch manager has been warned that she could be subject to a fine and a summons to Community Court for violating the City ordinance that requires snow be shoveled from the walks 3 hours after the storm ends.

While I was there to take the picture, I saw several people having to walk into busy North Main Street to get by the bank property. One woman pushing a stroller had to navigate through the slush and traffic because of the Bank of America's disregard for the public and Hartford's ordinance.

I would hope that the Hartford Police Department and the area Community Service officer will forget the warnings and make it a point to hand deliver a summons for an appearance in Community Court to the Bank of America branch manager first thing Monday morning.

I doubt very much that the Bank of America branch in West Hartford Center leaves their sidewalks unshoveled and they shouldn't think it is acceptable to do it in Hartford.

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