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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Apparently the pressure on the Board of Education is being ratcheted up and their meeting for today to announce the Coronation of Dr Kishimoto as the replacement to outgoing Superintendent Adamowski has been abruptly cancelled.

More on this later, but a hopefully legitimate search will now be announced by the Board, according to sources.

It sounds like the bonuses to Adamowski, Kishimoto, Roldan and Medina combined with Medina's improper lobbying and phone calls on Kishimoto's behalf might have backfired.


Anonymous said...

I would like an explanation as to why the Mayor waited until today to voice his concerns. He couldn't have done this two months ago? The Mayor himself said Kishimoto was "very qualified" to serve as superintendent.

What is it that he is trying to achieve? Without some type of explanation it appears to be nothing more than political posturing against a potential opponent.

According to the Courant:
"Segarra, when asked why he waited until the last moment to express his opinion, said he didn't know how the search would turn out."

Oh, please. That is a ridiculous answer.

Anonymous said...

The answer is that Segarra is more than willing to play footsie with the Eddie Perez crowd until someone calls him on it, at which point he becomes fearless crusader for justice. And now he is saying "people came up to me and were afraid to apply for the job" -- well, people like that will be too wimpy to DO the job, too.

Tim Sullivan got told at least a week ago he wasn't getting the job, which means Kishimoto was getting it. At that point, the search HAD concluded. Waiting until the day of was unprofessional and the actions of a rank amateur. It leaves the whole school system in disarray. The Board should ignore him and do what they pledged to do.

Rich Wareing said...

The fact that the BoE didn't go forward tells you a lot more about them than it does the Mayor. Either they believe Kishimoto is the best pick, in which case the BoE lacks the courage of its convinctions, or they don't in which case they are like a bunch of kids with their hands in the cookie jar with that "who, me? I can't believe you think I did somehting wrong" face. Either way, very unimpressive.

peter brush said...

Another bungle in the Hartford District and City Hall. I completely fail to understand why McDonald and the Board didn't politely tell Segarra to pound sand.
From my perspective, this is another example of exaggerated concern for the personalities in government. In the mean time, the AFT has used an unelected arbitration panel to forbid a reasonable policy choice of the District; in-school seniority.
What difference does it make who the Super is if the union ultimately runs the show?

peter brush said...

Going back to the bonus question. I still don't have my mind around the thing, whether it was appropriate or a la Perez. But, it relates to millions of bucks that, just between us girls, we don't have. To the extent it's viewed as another got-ya, Hartford pols are self-serving, story it may distract from that fundamental issue, i.e.,$.
Has there been a stand-alone story in the paper about the negotiated three-year teachers contract? Whatever may be up with Medina or Roldan shouldn't be allowed to obscure the big picture.
Details of that contract, which still requires approval by the school board and city council, include extending the school day by 30 minutes starting in July and offering $2,500 bonuses at the end of the academic year to teachers from schools that significantly improve student achievement?

Teachers would receive general wage increases of 2 percent in the coming fiscal year, 2 percent in 2012-13 and 3 percent in 2013-14, plus an annual "step" raise for seniority.

Anonymous said...

peter brush said...

Another bungle in the Hartford District and City Hall. I completely fail to understand why McDonald...

I agree a 100%, a major blunder by Pedro and decapitation of BOE chairperson.

Anonymous said...

Realistically, the mayor comes out of this looking like an idiot at best. Is it at all possible that he really was not aware that Dr. Kishimoto was the candidate of choice? The BOE needs a new spokesman, like now. Perhaps there is room for Sarah Barr to have a homecoming with Kelvin.

There is no chance that the district will be able to get a national search by summer. While that is no reason to select Dr. Kishimoto, she is really a talented woman who deserves the job.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Segarra, strike two. First you crap on the most effective manager the city has (Adamowski) for paying for the performance of teachers who improved student scores, and now you send a signal that you are not in touch with your five appointees to the BOE. You get one more swing, buddy. Better hit a home run.


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