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Monday, February 21, 2011


A couple weeks ago I posted about the $2.7million dollars in bonuses paid out by the Hartford Schools. I agree that some of the bonuses might be well deserved by some teachers and administrators, but it still seems to be poor timing by a school system running a budget deficit and potential layoffs of staff.

A few of the bonuses made no sense to me, especially the one paid to the Hartford Schools spokesperson David Medina for essentially doing his job that he is paid very well for.

This weekend though, the entire picture became clearer when Jeff Cohen reported on the shady behind the scene phone calls being made by Medina to influence people to support Dr. Kishimoto for the new Superintendent of Schools. To read Jeff Cohen's report, click here.

To anyone who has observed the selection process for the new Superintendent, it should be pretty clear that it wasn't about honest competition and selecting the best candidate. The process was clearly designed to select Adamowski's handpicked successor, Dr. Kishimoto.

Medina also has a vested interest in seeing Kishimoto picked to run Hartford's School system. Without her, Medina would most likely be on the unemployment line. Especially when it comes to keeping three teachers or getting rid of one spokesperson. Most superintendent's really interested in the children and their educations would choose the teachers first.

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Anonymous said...

he also made sure that Medina, kelvin kept their jobs as well. to funny