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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sources are confirming that the Perez homestead will most likely be listed for sale as of next Tuesday.The listing for the former Mayor's home was apparently supposed to take place this past Tuesday but was put off until next week.

According to sources, ReMax of West Hartford will be handling the sale. It is unknown what the asking price will be, but according to City of Hartford records former Mayor Perez transferred ownership to his wife in July of 2010, shortly after he became a convicted felon and resigned as Mayor.

For those interested in the property, highlights include the Dark Emperor Granite counter tops featured throughout the newly renovated kitchen and after a hard day at work you can come home and relax in your own steam shower and a long soak in the jacuzzi tub. Additional revenue is a possibility by opening the property to home tours to show off the focal point of one of the darkest periods in Hartford's recent history.

Pictures of the interior of the home can be found by going to the States Attorney's website and viewing photos of evidence of the renovations that may have Perez headed to jail for three years. I would strongly recommend though that anyone considering making an offer on the property hire the best home inspector possible. Apparently much of the work was done without any permits or inspections at the time.

If you would like to read more about the neighborhood and your potential future neighbors before making an offer, click here


peter brush said...

Winch calls Costa corrupt, and says his deal with the Perez administration was influenced by bribery. But she says Perez -- the man convicted of taking Costa's bribe -- is clean.

WINCH: I don’t believe to this day that it was proven that Perez took a bribe.

Anonymous said...

Peter: You aren't really still trying to make any sense whatsoever of what Council President Winch might utter, are you?

The KIng said...

Nice house. Have there been any "renovations" to it?

Anonymous said...

The irony is Eddie will be hard pressed to find a buyer because the Hartford property tax rates are so high.

peter brush said...

You aren't really still trying to make any sense whatsoever of what Council President Winch
No. I gave referred to the Jeff Cohen report at which site I pronounced the below profundity.
Pedro is correct; this move by Roldan/Winch is incoherent. In her case incoherence is inherent, but Roldan's is apparently provoked by gross cynicism. Neither called for the last Mayor to go, and Roldan himself was involved in and/or aware of Perez's doings. It would be an improvement if neither of them were further engaged in "operating government." In the mean time, as long as they're intent on focusing on bygones, how about they demand that Eddie and his Mrs. give Costa back their kitchen/bath counter tops?

Ernie said...

Actually, the Perez family should reimburse the city for the fair market value of the Costa improvements as it is most likely that Costa charged those improvements back to any of his then underway city projects via a change order. There is NO way this guy worked for free AND paid for materials out of his own pocket. Duh.