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Friday, April 1, 2011


The Labor decision in the termination of Hartford Fire Department Deputy Chief Dan Nolan is official now. In the hearing officers report received today, Nolan was cleared of all charges and ordered reinstated to the Hartford Fire Department with all back pay and seniority. Apparently none of the charges were substantiated.

The full report is on the way to me now and will hopefully be posted here this evening.

Nolan is out of town and unavailable for comment at this time, but something tells me he will have plenty to say.


Anonymous said...

Eddie Perez's tyranny is slowly being corrected one case at a time.

Congrats Dan.

Anonymous said...

In related news several s**tbags rookies that started this mess in the first place are freshening up their resumes and checking mapquest for directions to the unemployment office. Just in case.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Danny! Hope to see you back soon.

Anonymous said...

It's all good, Congrats Danforth! HPES

Anonymous said...

All good things come to those who wait! Congratulations on your highly deserved victory!

Anonymous said...

Great news!! Congratulations Dan!!