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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Attorneys for former Mayor Eddie A. Perez had filed a motion to dismiss the action filed by the Connecticut Attorney General and the Connecticut Chief States Attorney to revoke Perez's pension under anti-corruption laws.

That motion was dismissed by a Superior Court Judge recently and that action will now move forward. Perez is appealing his conviction and is able to avoid reporting to start his 3 year prison sentence while the appeal is pending.

For more about the motion to dismiss and its denial, read more at Jeff Cohen's report at WNPR, click on the link to the right.

1 comment:

Ernie said...

It is my hope that the judge does not take pity on the so-called infirmed Mrs Perez and grant her all or a portion of her querido's pension. Why? Read the arrest affidavits. It was Sra. Perez that cancelled the orginal order for the countertops with the Home Depot once she found out that Mr. Costa was doing the project gratis.