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Sunday, April 24, 2011


In what seems to be the precursor to a summer of violence on Hartford's streets, homicide victim number 12 for the year was pronounced dead at Saint Francis Hospital at 9:30pm this evening.

The 29 year old victim was shot a short time earlier in the area of 38 Martin Street


Quimby said...

12 isnt too bad. The whole country is becoming more violent so a slight increase is acceptable. Until we find a way to take away the guns reducing the murder rate isnt going to happen.

peter brush said...

12 isnt too bad.
Agreed; it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Quimby, both statements are not true. Since 1980 crime has decreased in America. Also a reduction in guns has no impact on crime. I know, hard to believe with the media pushing crime stories down our throats every day but it's true. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, Anonymous. Britan's crime rate is nowhere near ours, and they have extremely stringent gun control laws.

Quimby said...

The world is getting more violent every day. Countries that have strict gun control laws have less gun violence. It's very simple.

Anonymous said...

You're argument is a common misconception. In Switzerland almost everyone has a gun and there's low crime. For every country you can name with strict gun laws and low crime there's one with lots of guns and low crime. Crime is dependent on cultural and economic reasons, not gun control.

The only way you can fairly look at gun control is to apply it to the same population that is allowed to have guns. This has been done in other countries to no effect. I don't want to turn this blog into a class about gun laws. All I can say is if you really look through the research that's available online you will see gun control does zip on crime.

If you have time watch this 3 part, 30 minute show posted on you tube. I know it's just one opinion but it's a good place to start because it looks at many angles. It gets good near the end of part 2.

Anonymous said...

Quimby, this is your opinion not fact. I challenge you to enter the simple phrase "is crime going down in America" into goggle. You will get article after article with supporting research that it is going down, yet people insist on not believing it.

FBI, Department of Justice, and Bureau of Crime Statistics ALL show the numbers. Crime has gone down in America for the last 3 decades. Sorry if you just can't accept that but don't feel bad most American's think the same thing you do.

Quimby said...

All of you "anonymous" posters should watch the documentary "Bowling for Columbine". Open your eyes. Guns kill people.

Anonymous said...

People kill people not guns. Do you thing making gun laws stops the criminals (criminals = people that commit crimes and don't care about laws) from getting guns? You live in a world of ideology, not reality. Oh' well hopefully someone got something out of these posts and did some real research. Anti-gun people only have one argument and that's emotions. Zero facts.

Anonymous said...

Quimby, cars kill people too and far more often. Let's outlaw them.

By the way, restricting guns doesn't mean criminals will stop getting them. By their very definition "criminal" they don't care about the laws we make.

Bill K said...

Anyone who can sit and watch a so-called documentary by that wingnut Michael Moore and come out of it agreeing with his warped perception on things has zero understanding of reality.
Do the research without someone telling you "how things are" and you'll wonder why the hell you ever agreed with a word he said.

Anonymous said...

It is only April, and Hartford has 12 homicides; however, to this date, New Haven has 13 homicides (!!)

Springfield - a city with 25,00 more people than both Connecticut cities - only has 6 homicides to date this year.

Springfield has been much safer than our Connecticut cities for 5-7 years now. Does anyone know what Springfield is doing that our cities could do? Whatever it is, it's working.