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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The old saying "do as I say, not as I do" seems like it may be the rule of thumb for some operating out of the Chief's Complex at 50 Jennings Road.

If the previous posting about Lt. Brooks and his removal from IAD when he had the nerve to question Chiefs as part of investigations wasn't enough, this accident report should raise some red flags also.

Let me start by asking a hypothetical question, actually a couple of questions.

Would you think it would be unusual for someone to have a couple thousand dollars worth of damage done to their car and not notice it? Especially if that damage was down the drivers side of your car, maybe a couple inches under the lock and door handle and ran almost the full length of the vehicle?

Another question, if you had a company car provided to you by your employer and that vehicle was clearly involved in an accident, would your employer accept that you didn't know what happened , yet you refused to answer questions or co-operate with a police officer assigned to investigate the accident?

Ok, one last hypothetical question. If you were a police officer and at the end of your shift, showed up at the station with damage to your cruiser that you claimed you didn't know how it happened and then refused to answer any questions about the crash or the damage, do you think that would go over without any problem?

I seriously doubt anyone would answer yes to those questions and think it would all be acceptable.

Although if you are Hartford Police Department Assistant Chief Lester McKoy, rest assured, it all will be fine.The vehicle damaged is McKoy's city vehicle that we, yes we the taxpayers of Hartford, have provided to McKoy for his daily commute back and forth to his home in Stamford . I have spoke about this extreme waste of money on numerous occasions only to be met by blank stares from Council members and even the Mayor himself.

For McKoy to think he is above answering questions of a police officer investigating his accident and possible evading goes to show the sense of entitlement apparent by the Command Staff at HPD. Chief Roberts needs to set the tone that discipline and respect is the same no matter who you are from a Cadet up to the Chief himself.

Over the next few weeks I'll be writing more on the varying degrees of discipline at the Hartford Police Department depending on who you are and who you know. How can one person be possibly demoted for his actions, while another is promoted after having alcohol related accidents in a City vehicle?


HPD- McKoy Accident Report


Bill K said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, you should FOI Lester's alleged first car accident. YES THIS IS HIS 2ND TIME DOING THIS. Last year he got in an accident in Stamford on a Friday "Allegedly in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot". He never called anyone at the time. Days later he came to work on Monday and reported it. Of course it was not reported to Stamford PD either (possibly Evading) and his tardiness in reporting it in Hartford (a policy violation) went unpunished. He said Stamford PD was too busy, it was raining, so he figured he would wait to report it.

Now in both these accidents you have no way of finding out what really happened. The City will just pay the bill. The "Failur to report in a timely manner" charge was never addressed. Yet other cops have been punished - by McKoy - for that same charge... Laughable. Fair firm and consistently crooked.

ps. FOI Lester's covered-up IAD I-Files. Emergency code 3 haircut!


I am more than willing to look into anything if I have the information, The code 3 haircut sounds interesting. Feel free to contact me with any further information,my e-mail and phone number are listed here. All information is kept confidential. It goes without saying though, DO NOT CONTACT ME FROM A CITY PHONE OR A CITY COMPUTER. Anonymous phone calls or e-mails are fine, just give me as much information as possible so I can do my best to gather the appropriate information.

As far as the disparity in punishments, much more will be coming on that in the near future. And again, any specific examples would be appreciated.


hoseloader said...

Isn't Assistant Chief McKoy the head of the Accident Review Board??? Did he punish himself for his previous failure to notify for his other accidents??


Anonymous said...

Mc Coy has been doing whatever he wants for well over 8 years at 120k a year. Comes in late, leaves early.
Mysterious accidents appear, and are covered up.
Must be good to be longshanks, i mean chief....