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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Since posting the Lt. Brooks information yesterday, over 2,302 hits were recorded on the blog for a 24 hour period, the best numbers yet since I started the blog.

Thanks for your support


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you, Kevin. Everyone is talking about your blog, and you are becoming the "go-to" source for news about Hartford. Keep up the good work!

Bill K said...

You're doing something right, that's for sure. I agree with Anonymous, this is defiantly the first place I go everyday when looking for the inside scoop on Hartford.



I'm working on the answer for your budget question also

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised. Everyday the HPD public information officer sends an email department wide, this email contains all news and web clippiings related to HPD. Your blog is usually included in these clippings. Wouldn't ya know it, gosh for some reason none of these blogs made it into the email.... amazing. Typical Roberts, hiding from the truth! Keep up the good work.



When children at-risk of violence log on to your link for curiosity, what might they learn? How might that improve a situation and are you fostering an ongoing process with terrible outcomes on all ends?

Secondly, your story of politics could have been told in ways which, were ethically sound and do not exploit the pain of individuals, (on all sides of that event) who can readily be identified. Perhaps reediting a blur would have used the slightest sense of ethics and dignity. As I’m sure you know, this can be done with the minor technological capabilities.

Third, let us remember, you are linked to stolen property, leaked for political reasons. You are both exploiting that in its entirety and claiming victory with your headline on “Hits”. That seems opportunistic on the backs of all who have suffered... and with work which is not yours.

In either case, I will not post anymore. If there is a positive here, it is brave of you to post my responses. It is also with my deepest regrets that the footage ended up where it has...and is being used in the manner that it is.

Jeffrey B. Teitler

Anonymous said...

The chickens are eventually going to come home to roost and when they do, DKR will get his come-uppance. He is very vindictive as evidenced by the demotion of LT Ed Dailey and the forced transfer of LT Neville Brooks (for not willing to play "dirty pool") and also the obvious cover up of Doo-Wop's "mysterious" driverless car crash with his department issued unmarked cruiser. Once Officer Robles' atty gets the FOI papers he requested, a federal grand jury is inevitable. As we all know, Uncle Sam has limitless resources to satisfy all of his whims and DKR will get caught in the "eye of the storm". Good Riddance!!!


Mr. Teitler,

Your righteousness is wearing thin.

Maybe you would like to explain how the original video "disappeared" the night of the shooting when the State Police were looking for it and your actions .I would also be interested to hear how the video only surfaced after arrests were threatened.Maybe you could also explain your relationship with the detective that enabled your access to HPD and his relationship with the "subject" of your documentary.

I understand that there was also some great conversation that was cut from the portion provided to CSP shortly before the Pawtucket Shooting took place. Can we hear that also?

Anonymous said...

weren't the former union president and Eddie Perez also there when the video disappeared? Another coverup ?

Anonymous said...

I don't expect a response from Mr. Tietler. -Go easy sweetestland, Kevin has more where that came from. Back off, and walk away before it gets hot.

michelle said...
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Michelle said...

congrats kevin! a big congratulations to your mole in the police dept also. i was wondering why your focus moved away from city council and more towards police. then i found out that one of your "friends" at city council was recently moved to the police department. you sure know how to use people.

ps I know you won't "approve" this, but it's more then interesting that you changed over to an approval system once people started to call your own history with the city and stuff you owe. glass houses house.