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Thursday, June 2, 2011


The Hartford Police Albany Avenue Substation, pictured above, is a prime example of the negative impact blighted properties have on Hartford's image

I still don't agree, and I probably never will agree, with the City's efforts to spend millions of dollars to take the Capitol West building by emminent domain. The argument that it will spur economic development carries no weight with me and I think it is less than genuine for politicians to use that as an argument for another photo op at campaign time.

Tonight I attended yet another vigil by the Reverend Henry Brown for what would normally be the City's latest homicide victim, Unfortunately now though that they are happening so often, Reverend Brown has a backlog on the vigils.

While I was standing there at the vigil, two things struck me. First off was the question, where were all the people that should be outraged? Outraged that an elderly 74 year old man was shot in the chest and murdered after he was innocently leaving a store after buying a Lipton Ice tea. Murdered by a couple of young thugs upset that they couldn't buy beer. There was maybe 20 or so people that joined Reverend Brown on the corner during his vigil.

Yet three nights before this homicide, on the opposite corner of Albany and Vine, over 200 people congregated after two people were shot in the ankles on Friday night.

I have been to enough of Rev. Brown's vigils to know that the low turnout is usually due to fear. The majority of the people that would attend from the neighborhood have to still live in the neighborhood so I understand their fear.

But as symbolic as our Mayor and other politicians claim that the Capitol West building is to blight and Hartford's image, I kept staring at the abandoned, boarded up Hartford Police substation. What message does that send?

What once was an image of Public Safety and a police presence in one of Hartford's most crime ridden neighborhoods, now seems like another abandoned property left behind similar to many others. Properties left behind by those that seem willing to write the area off. Even those that drive Albany Avenue regularly must question how the City could just walk away and let a symbol of Police presence just become another blighted property.

Another vacant lot would be better than what is there now. And as we all know, Hartford has a proud tradition of creating more vacant lots in the name of economic development.

Could we at least mow the grass? And I think former Councilman McGarry had an ordinance passed that the plywood used to board up an abandoned property should be painted to match the color of the building. That might make it less noticeable to the public that Hartford has abandoned its commitment to Public Safety and Community Policing on Albany Avenue


One picture is worth 1,000 denials said...

So....where do the Zone 4 cops have their sub-station now? Where are the walkbeats going to go when it's 100 deg outside? Is Hartford serious with this? I mean really? I'm sure all the gang bangers in the Upper Albany/Clay Arsenal area are convinced that they now own those streets. This is going to make for one interesting Summer.
Those Officers have to put up with way too much for not nearly enough pay. I think I would vomit if I saw what some of the "Managers" were taking home a year, not to mention whatever perks and benifits they have. This city is absolutly ASSBACKWARDS.
Hartford, Here is a tip; First take care of those who take care of you, otherwise one day there won't be anyone there to take care of you...

Anonymous said...

no kevin, the low turnout is not due to fear. It is due to the fact that vigils have not and will not accomplish a thing. Tell the good Reverand to have his folks storm City Hall and demand more cops,logistical support and programs that target the violence.

Anonymous said...

The criminals have won, and they work in the chiefs complex. The command staff is so out of touch with what it is to be a patrolman. Thats why they s--t on patrol so hard.

Anonymous said...

The city leaders don't even like cops. How many times did you see Perez or any city council members show up at a police function or go see a cop in the hospital?

Segarra did go see the last two cops who where shot so that's some change but for the most part the folks "managing" Hartford, who where placed by Eddie Perez's back door deals, could care less about the police department and its members. Look how they continually fight termination cases for years that have almost no chance of winning. Murtha and Secore jump to mind.

I have to wonder, Is Pedro trying to make change but there's too much dirty politics in Hartford or is he just a smarter version of Eddie Perez. So far nothing has changed since he took over.

I sometimes wonder if Hartford would even have a police department if they state didn't require it.

Anonymous said...

That is true! Patrol gets the sh!t end of the stick all the time. No support if your Pro-Active and actually try to fight crime. The equipment has gotten better but it's not up to par. Yes you can make good money as a cop in Hartford but you have to work all day every day on road jobs for straight pay. (Not overtime pay like all other cities.) I have seen several good cops leave to other cities in the past year. Good police officers are a dying breed in Hartford. Why would anyone want to work in Hartford anymore?

Anonymous said...

Chief Roberts,

There has to be at least one supervisor and five police officers that you can trust to go to the area where the 74 year old man was killed and to take care of business.

Remember back to past chiefs who had such units that they could count on to do the dirty work that needs to be done without fear of getting in trouble for getting turned in bullshi*.

It is about time that criminals becoem apprehensive about committing crime. What is being done now is not working.

Sometimes police work is a physical endeavor, foot chases,struggles with bad guys and even using the tools of the trade. You know the nightstick, pepper spray and other less lethal measures to take care of street crime.
When criminals believe that they have the leeway to commit crime then the you know what wil hit the fan. They believe that they had license to do as they please.

Take the gloves off of the officers and it is time, right now, to make the criminals have a little fear.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:00. That will never happen at HPD and doesn't need to happen. All us officers need is our departments support along with the good citizens of our community. If officers get into a car accident while trying to apprehend a criminal, we are worrying about losing our job and possibly getting sued. If we have to use our firearms (Last Resort) we get our guns taken away from us and won't get cleared to work the streets for years. If we have to use physical force (for our safety and or the safety of the community) we get verbally abused and accused of using excessive force. If officers act on criminal activity there's a problem and if we don't act it's also a problem. Why risk our safety and livelihood for a Department and Community that doesn't support their officers?

Anonymous said...

Well put@11am. Sounds like a job for Sgt. Spell or Sgt. Bremser.

Mr King said...

They need to bring in the National Guard. Do a street by street sweep confiscating guns, drugs and putting criminals in jail. Leave a few Guardsmen on every street overnight until this ends.

Anonymous said...

Shawn St. John did wonders on Albany Avenue with his crew(s) for years....oh wait roberts screwed him too

Anonymous said...

Bremser did good, St. John also was an excellent supervisor. But Spell use to be good, until he screwed up off duty, then started treating everyone like crap. Remember Spell, your troops are a reflection of you, don't hate because they won't get drunk with you at the bars.....what goes around comes around....