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Friday, June 3, 2011


The lawsuit has been filed against Mayor Pedro Segarra and his husband, Charlie Ortiz by Department of Public Works employee Willie Edwards.

The "intent to sue" and the details of the claim were posted here previously, to read that earlier posting, click here.

The summons for the lawsuit is posted below:

Hartford Willie Edwards Lawsuit


Anonymous said...

The Mayor's wife should have just kept his mouth shut and taken care of the issue the mature way. But I guess poor decision making is the new soap opera title in the segarra home. .....

Anonymous said...

Pedro and his husband now believe that they walk on water. This suit brings them back to reality.The taxpayers wont be happy when Mr Edwards wins millions of dollars and the taxpaers foot the bill by way of a property tax increase.

peter brush said...

It appears that Mr. Edwards was abused, but it's a silly law suit. (By the way, most of the entries on the blog are more carefully draughted than the Edwards complaint.) What duty owed to Edwards was breached? The gross injustice caused a stroke?
But, the incident has serious aspects. While Ms.Segarra is not a public "servant," he is our first lady. He shouldn't be pulling the old,"Do you know who I am?" play. More importantly, it's clear that the Mayor was willing to use his position to abuse a City employee, and the bureaucracy acted capriciously against Edwards in favor of the Mayor.
It's not the greatest abuse of power we've ever seen, but it is an abuse. The Mayor owes his constituents and Mr. Edwards an apology.
The City shouldn't have to pay a dime for this nonsense. Fire the super and give Edwards a heart-felt apology.

Woodland Street said...

Anon @ 11:30, millions? Really? Come on, Mr. Edwards, who doesn't even live in the City (any comment from Council President?), will not see millions and probably won't see a dime as the stroke happened 2 weeks after the incident, that's going to be a huge barrier for Abe Giles' former attorney to jump.

Peter, I'm not sure the Mayor owes anyone anything at this point. He claims he did little more than refer it to staff and an apology would be an act of guilt. So, it's not really all that "clear", as you say.

It all seems to me like one of those law suits that will clog up the system and waste precious time.

peter brush said...

I referred it to staff as I did not want to subject this administration to any claims of favoritism, but I was concerned about overall treatment of the public and proper customer service.
Woodland Street:
The Mayor's response at Jeff Cohen's WNPR blog is simply lame. Maybe he didn't realize the particular hassle he'd be causing to Edwards, but the bureaucracy knew the Mayor was involved. It didn't read about the Mayor's concern for "customer service" in the "Courant."

u already kno said...

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