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Friday, July 29, 2011


Posters and fliers have been plastered around Hartford City Hall proclaiming a new "Global Medical Benefit". The poster states that the "City of Hartford is now offering a 100% medical travel benefit which gives you access to high quality healthcare in Puerto Rico with no deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance".

The poster further claims that "This benefit is covered 100% by your City of Hartford Health Plan" and that it "Includes airfare, hotel and ground transportation for you and your companion, plus $250.00 for incidentals " as well as "15-17 day stay in Puerto Rico at a world class hotel".

Is anyone at City Hall paying attention to the fact that we are in a severe economic crisis? No one would comment on this but it just seems that we might want to encourage the use of our two local hospitals such as Hartford Hospital and Saint Francis. And further, if we can afford some crazy benefit like this, maybe the City should look at another plan that doesn't offer ridiculous payouts for travel and "incidentals".

Healthcare is an important issue for everyone, but this is just lunacy.

But on the bright side, the poster encourages everyone to "Relax and enjoy your medical vacation".

The poster was too large to scan in, but here's the major point of it below:

Htfd Travel Benefit


Anonymous said...

I guess this one makes Panagore's four new assistants look almost acceptable. Is anyone paying attention to what is happening in Hartford? The money being spent is just crazy as we continue to tax businesses out of existence to pay for this garbage. Time for a State takeover, but we know that won't happen because our Governor has propped these lunatics up already.

willie Wicket said...

this is why no one takes anything that elected officials say seriously.This "benefit" comes on the heels of a huge and most serious budget and tax problem that we have ever had as a City.Until such time that the elected officials deal with the budget and tax issues as well as other major structural problems, we are headed for a state takeover in the future.

RB said...

This is ludicrous at best, and racist at worst! Why is it only Puerto Rico? What if they want to be treated in South Africa or Ireland or Jamaica, would the City of Hartford Health plan pay for it??

Oh. I get it! It's a paid vacation. (See "mental health" days)

Mr Brookman, I understand your love for Hartford, and your wanting to change the way the City operates, but in my humble opinion, your "shoveling sand against the tide". And if your not careful, you'll be dragged out to see

Anonymous said...

This BS -
Please lets move forward, this is not about PR or health. This a promo that is comically always available in our post box.

A non NADA, yo Brookman, please stop the BS on your blog.


Anonymous at 7:43pm;

Maybe you should avail yourself of the fine medical care in Puerto Rico and check out the Lasik surgery to correct your vision. In case you didn't notice the City of Hartford logo in the upper right corner or the part that says "this benefit is covered 100% by your City of Hartford health plan".

I would find it hard to believe that if this isn't approved by the City of Hartford that the posters would remain posted in City buildings as well as the city letting them use the logo.

Maria said...

Okay, this is just absurd. Most people that I know on the island actually complain about the health care system there and want to come to the mainland for any major procedures. Are you sure this isn't a joke or maybe the company is using the "city" without the city's permission?

Anonymous said...

It is approved. It's on the Citys internal web site.

Anonymous said...

my bad, Brookman, I'm gonna take your advise on Lasik surgery.

The city promoting a business on their website is highly questionable, who is a getting a commission or owns interest on this company ?

peter brush said...

I don't know what to make of this aspect of muni employee medical insurance; not clear what impact on cost to City. In general terms, I'd be interested in someone in the know giving me, a taxpayer in the un-know, some comparison to State employee policies or to private sector ones.
“Political subdivisions around the country are looking at international healthcare to provide a new value add medical benefit and at the same time lower their healthcare costs,”said Steven Lash, President and CEO, Satori World Medical. “The rising cost of healthcare continues to place a tremendous burden on the public sector and U.S. employees ...”

Anonymous said...

This was certainly approved by the Segarra Administration. But did anyone check out the fact that the CEO of this company was actually arrested by the Feds for fraud?

Scratch the surface, and you will find out who was taken care of to get these folks a city contract.

Check out the articles On Steven Lash here:

no attribution said...

wow, breaking news. the Courant finally picked up on this two weeks after you had it here. I wonder how they found out?

Anonymous said...

how will this city ever survive the change: With all the abandoned and unsecured bldgs., overgrown lots, rubbish and debris on every street, high taxes, no entry to mid level positions for employment, double dipping pension mongers, suburban town wrkr's,crime ridden, corrupt administration, hateful and poisonous behaviors, etc... Wow!

I am amazed at how Hartford has grown. Thanks for the change. It gets better each year. I will list Hartford as the place to live and raise a broken family....

Don't get me wrong, I just think its funny when the people we elect to serve and represent us are the very ones who are making these decisions for our beatiful town.I am so proud of my town.

Thanks to Hartfords fearless Leader's for promoting equality. I am so glad we have a zero tolerance policy!!!