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Saturday, July 30, 2011


This response is going to be a little long, so rather than post it in the comments section, I am choosing to put it here.

Whenever I need a good laugh, all I have to do is read some of the Anonymous posts.

Anonymous commented at 3:57pm under "Wrong, wrong, wrong and finally Wrong"is one of those. It just makes you wonder if some people should be allowed access to the Internet.

Anonymous at 3:57PM commented; "Hey Kevin, rather than hiding behind this post, grow a set and tell us the officer's name or better yet the cruiser number or plate. While you're at it, tell us if your buddy who sent you the photo ( of your friends from the building across the street at 525) did his job and put a ticket on the van or is he just stirring the pot some more like usual???

You start your post saying you're a friend to the HPD but when one of your friends looks bad you just leave it alone. A true politician!

Frank's report should be out soon and I'll bet you'll only criticize him and the report cuz it aint gonna look good! (but it'll be the truth)"

You advised me to "grow a set" rather than "hide behind this post". OK, I'm confused, what am I hiding behind? I posted the picture, I took action with HPD upon observing something I believe was wrong and I believe it will be addressed further. In fact, after the officer received a call stating that someone was complaining about his parking, he came out from City Hall and confronted me and asked if I had a problem. I replied yes and was willing to go head to head with him rather than back down from something I felt was wrong.

Now you probably would have run away and remain "Anonymous" rather than take a stand in public, so you might want to "grow a set" yourself.Maybe you might want to "grow a set" and take ownership of your comments under your own name and put your name with your comments as I do here day in and day out.

As far as your second comment "You start your post saying you're a friend to the HPD but when one of your friends looks bad you just leave it alone. A true politician!" Can you clarify that as to who you are speaking about. I have quite a few friends at HPD as you seem to be well aware and I think I have called it like it is on many situations. I have posted quite a bit about one of my friends Hector Robles. I have posted quite a bit about another person I consider a friend, Chief Daryl Roberts, some good, some bad, but definitely not one sided.

I can only assume the one you are taking issue with is Lt. Neville Brooks, again, someone I consider a friend and a friendship that probably goes back over 40 years. I am loyal, but definitely not blind and I posted the facts that were available at the time. If there was negative information that I had on Neville, that would have been posted also.

I will admit that I do have facts that I have not posted that in the end might be relevant to how Lt. Brooks and others have been treated when it comes to varying levels of discipline. None of those facts relate directly to Lt. Brooks, but they do relate to other officers who have engaged in egregious behavior that in some cases should have most likely resulted in demotion or termination, but nothing happened to them. My intent here is not to ruin any ones career, but I will not turn a blind eye to anyone, especially a friend of mine, when I feel they are being singled out for doing their job. Neville is one such case.

I also took a strong stand here on the blog and in public for Officer Matthew Secore. Secore did do something wrong, and something he readily admitted. I knew nothing of him before we met and I learned the facts of his case. I firmly believe that if I didn't persist in pushing on Secore's case and if there wasn't a change in leadership at the HPD Union, Secore would still be struggling get the justice ordered by the Labor Board and the Courts in his case.

Although I didn't agree with his actions, after seeing all of the facts, I did agree with the Labor Board decision. Officer Secore is back on the job today after learning a very valuable, and personally costly lesson and I believe he will be an asset to the residents of Hartford.

As far as the Rudewicz report, don't hold your breath waiting for a written report. As of this point, all indications are that the City is being very careful to make sure that Rudewicz has apparently only reported orally directly to the Corporation Counsel. If they continue in that direction it will allow the City to hide behind the veil of "Attorney Client Privilege".

That, I think, could potentially be political suicide for Mayor Segarra and would stink of a cover up, but then again Hartford doesn't always make the most strategic moves when it comes to the public trust. I also know from sources that request was made to possibly expand the scope based on things the investigators found and that request was apparently denied.

I am also very interested in hearing the results of the Rudewicz Investigation and I have no doubt that it will be thorough and I have trust in Frank's integrity. It is up to his client, the City of Hartford as to what to do with the report though, not Rudewicz. I know that they have interviewed a wide scope of people, myself included, trying to get to the truth and the facts.

I do know that some of the gossip thrown around was that cases were lagging and the productivity in IAD was less than stellar while Neville was Commander of IAD. But it is also hard to command a unit when you are on an extended medical leave and fighting a potential life threatening medical issue. That was up to the Chief to ensure that IAD ran properly while Brooks was out and have an "acting supervisor" in place who was capable or replace Brooks all together if needed . That was not Neville's responsibility, it rests squarely with the Chief.

As far as the Dunkin Donuts parking issue, maybe you can start a blog of your own, if and when you "grow a set", and then look into who is giving out parking tickets. In the meantime, by posting the pictures here, maybe the Hartford Parking Authority will step up and do their own work to correct the issue.

But thanks for the comment, you gave me something to post about today. And to all the police officers that have called and texted today (as well as everyone else) agreeing that it was "wrong, wrong,wrong" to park a cruiser in a handicapped space, thanks for your support.

Oh and by the way Anonymous 3:57PM, a quick computer lesson. If you would like to know the identity of the cruiser or the officer, double click on the picture of the cruiser in the handicap parking space and that should bring bring up a full screen image of the cruiser that should make it very easy for you to read the "352" next to the license plate. Sorry for "hiding" that from you, I just assume my readers are computer literate, my mistake. I'll leave it up to you to do the rest of the legwork to figure out who "352" is.

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