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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Unfortunately though, this is not a joke, it is true. The City of Hartford is advertising for an Assistant to Chief Operating Officer. Well let me rephrase that, not just one assistant, apparently four new assistants are needed for COO Panagore.

Something bothers me about this, and in so many ways. In a cash starpped City, how do we cut Police Officers from the latest recruit class, yet we can find over a quarter of a million dollars for an already top heavy administration? Does the COO really need four assistants?

And don't expect too many questions from the City Council since they are most likely banking their political futures on the coattails of Mayor Segarra, COO Panagores boss.

The advertisement above was published in the Thursday edition of the "Hartford News"


Anonymous said...

Kevin, the same advertisement is in the Hartford Advocate. Were you sleeping during the budget process? A couple council people made reference to the expansion of both the offices of Corporation Counsel and COO. So much for the Mayors office being smaller.

peter brush said...

Were you sleeping during the budget process?
That's when I do some of my best sleeping. So, thanks for posting the ads, Kevin.
A Strong Mayor needs a Strong Staff of liaisons, coordinators, directors, chiefs and assistants. And, it's only a quarter of a million bucks per year, plus benefits. Will there be a 1-1-1 racial/ethnic distribution with the new hires?

peter brush said...

Check that; we need a 1-1-1-1 racial breakdown. I recommend 1 Spaniard, 1 Black African, 1 White Irish Catholic guy, and a Jewish lesbian. Will we require that these new hires live in town? I don't mind paying for excellent city services, but I just hate to see my tax dollars driving out to Bloomfield and West Hartford each day at 4:30.

Bankruptcy in the future said...

Kevin... what does city hall care about hiring when the obligation for the jobs will fall upon the already strapped taxpayers.

Anonymous said...


needs the help, Hartford's issues are just two big for one man to swallow. I think !

Anonymous said...

This is insane. They should hire 4 more cops. What are the "assistants" going to do to help the citizens of this godforsaken city?

Anonymous said...

Typical, they advertised but the real reason for four positions may be that someone is trying to accommodate some friends... They have done it under Eddie Perez administration so I am not surprise...Ask the puppet of both administrations, his name Santiago Malave the director of Personnel's office. If you are not part of their click ,do not apply for the job please!