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Friday, September 16, 2011


The "Special Investigative Report" (SIR) into the actions of Hartford Police Officer Jill Kidik and her traffic stop of State Treasurer Denise Nappier has been completed. Although I had requested the "SIR" through an FOI request to the Hartford Police Department, they have not complied. Voice messages left for HPD spokesperson Nancy Mulroy were not returned today. Surprise Surprise. So much for that "transparency" we keep hearing about from the Segarra Administration.

But as anyone who reads this blog knows, I have a tendency to obtain documents through "alternative means", when will the City ever learn that there are good people who want to do the right thing and are able to understand the FOI statutes.

Not much new information is revealed in the report. Although I still stand by what I said earlier, Officer Kidik seemed to exercise poor common sense the way she proceeded, especially when she realized that she was dealing with the State Treasurer.

It appears that Kidik is still being made out to be the scapegoat in the matter, but the admission by a DMV spokesperson seems to show who was really at fault. Apparently the DMV didn't enter the correct motor vehicle registration into the statewide computer system until September 2, 2011, the day AFTER the incident. If DMV had properly done their job, this incident would most likely never have occurred.

Another interesting point in the report is that when the investigator, LT. Emory Hightower, interviewed Nappier she apparently never mention ed any racial aspect or made any claims that she felt the incident was racially motivated as she originally did to the media.

The finding of the report recommends retraining for Officer Kidik, but it seems like several others should be spending time in a classroom, starting with DAS and DMV personnel who are the ones who seem to be the most responsible for this mess.

And now, for your weekend reading pleasure, here is the Nappier S.I.R:

Nappier Kidik SIR


Anonymous said...

Kidik should run for union president

Anonymous said...

before you nominator kidik for union president can she answer one question? why didnt you go to the call when your fellow officers called for help? could you answer that question Jill before you assume your victim roll and began your lying?

Traffic said...

Does she still have those pink handcuffs. ??

Anonymous said...

As a courtesy to an uninvolved party, you should have redacted the telephone number of the person whose house is on barbour street where the 911 call came from. I get a bad feeling from this.

Anonymous said...

Why is Hightower doing this investigation when he is GREAT FRIENDS, with Gail Hardy and Denise Nappier....I see bull crap....investigate that Brookman....