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Wednesday, September 7, 2011




Mark A. Dupuis

Communications Officer

State of Connecticut

Division of Criminal Justice

300 Corporate Place

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Hartford State’s Attorney Issues Statement on Motor Vehicle Stop

On Friday, September 2, 2011, the Hartford State’s Attorney’s Office became aware of a motor vehicle stop conducted by the Hartford Police Department at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 1, 2011, on Barbour Street in Hartford. The vehicle, owned by the State of Connecticut, was being operated by Denise L. Nappier, Treasurer of the State of Connecticut.

Treasurer Nappier attempted to explain to the Hartford Police officer who made the stop that the vehicle was a state “fleet” vehicle that she as Treasurer was authorized to drive. Despite informing the officer of this information, Treasurer Nappier was issued a summons for operating an unregistered vehicle, having no insurance and misuse of registration plates. Treasurer Nappier was released at the scene and left to walk home when the vehicle was ordered towed by the police officer.

Upon review of the summons and accompanying police report and valid registration documents, State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy determined there were no violations of any motor vehicle or criminal statutes and there was no basis for the issuance of the summons or towing of the vehicle.

Based on the findings of her review, State’s Attorney Hardy will request that the Court dismiss all of the counts in the summons. The vehicle was released to the Treasurer’s Office on Friday afternoon.

State’s Attorney Hardy met with Hartford Police Chief Darryl Roberts on Friday afternoon to advise him of her findings.


Anonymous said...


RB said...

Were the "valid registration documents" in Denise Nappier's possession at the time of the stop? Or were they produced 'after the fact'?

North end militia said...

Its sad that napier is even thinking racial profiling. Who cares. Really. Now lets do some racial profiling against hartford criminals that all get nolle. And released on promise to appear. Non sense. Htfd is a complete and udder dump. Gail hardy should keep her mouth shut. What are u going to do. March down the street with a bible and pitch fork like a certain dispatch supervisor. (holla)

Anonymous said...

What was napier doing on barbour street anyways. ... That street is a mess. Drugs. Crime. Murder etc

Anonymous said...

I bet that officer thought she was a bad ass cop when she wrote that ticket. I bet she thought she would be real cool if she actually went through with it. Well, she got what she really wanted- Attention. But I bet she wishes she did it differently now. You made a big mistake girl. Ooops.

But be careful guys, she’s loony and everybody knows it; but she has some ammo in her belt too. It’s only a matter of time before this powder keg explodes and she files the sexual harassment law suit against the city. Let’s be honest, has she followed a Judeo-Christian lifestyle in the law enforcement social circles? In most cases like this, it’s only a matter of time before she waves that flag and brings down some horny cops with her.

I will defend her on one point. Racial profiling on Barbour St? Are you kidding me? Try to find a white person on Barbour St. Yes the cops racial profile on Barbour St. They wait for a white person to drive by, and with the consideration of other factors, they pull them over. Because if whitey is on Barbour St. chances are they are buying drugs.

Denise Nappier is really off base throwing out the race card. Does she realize how stupid she looks? Every car on Barbour St. has a black person in it. This was not racial profiling and Nappier looks incompetent for even questioning it. What a joke, and it only tends to further water down the race argument. If you ask me, I lost all respect for both women in this incident. I expected stupid things from that cop, but I am shocked how dumb Ms. Nappier has made herself look after the incident.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't she walk home after getting her car towed? You and I would have to walk home, right? Why is she even driving a state car? Doesn't she have a $93K a year chauffeur? Oh, and North End's utter, not udder. You must be from a farm.

DMV Cop said...

If administration's want to change the way Hartford tolerates criminal activity, or the way GA14throws out court cases then get rid of gail hardy.
How dare you hold one of her peoples accountable for their ignorance, or negligence.
The chief should have thrown the old hen out of his office.

Anonymous said...

maybe both sides could sit down with DKR or maybe a higher figure (Maybe Obama ) and have a beer or maybe wine. lets get the clergy involved that always seems to help